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Why extend C drive in Windows 7?

Windows 7 is a popular operating system for computer system. Although the Microsoft released Windows 10, there are still many users keeping Windows 7. However, many new applications will occupy a lot of space. With the time goes by, the C drive may run out of space, and it may cause the whole system running slowly. Thus, extend C drive for Windows 7 would keep the system running normally.

The ways to Windows 7 extend C drive

Windows 7 has a snap-in tool called Disk Management. It has a great powerful function Extend Volume. The Extend volume can help you extend C partition or other partitions. However, it can only extend partition which has an unallocated space adjacent to it. If there isn’t any unallocated space, the Extend Volume would be grayed out, and you can not use it.

What if the Extend Volume grayed out? There is another way that you need to use a third-party software AOMEI Partition Assistant. This software is a powerful freeware for managing disks, and you can use it to extend or shrink partitions easier. For extending C drive, the AOMEI Partition Assistant provides at least three methods to make it without losing data. But first, you need to download the free edition AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, install and launch it.

Main Interface

1. Resize Partition

If there is an unallocated space adjacent to the C drive, you can use the Extend Volume of Windows built-in tool Disk Management. Or use the Resize Partition of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Click the C drive and select Resize Partition.

Resize Partition

Resize Partition has an advantage that it can extend partition too if there is an unallocated space which isn’t next to the C drive. If there is another partition between C drive and the unallocated space, you can move partition to make the unallocated space adjacent to the C drive, then use the Resize Partition to extend system partition. Whatever the unallocated space before the C drive or next to the C drive, Resize Partition can extend the C drive for Windows 7. While the Extend Volume of Disk Management can only be used when the unallocated space is next to the C drive.

2. Merge Partitions

Usually, the C drive is the system drive and the D: drive will be next to the C drive. If you want to extend system drive for Windows 7, merge C drive and D drive is a good way. Just right click C drive, select Merge Partitions, and follow the guide to increase the volume of C drive.

Merge Partition

Merge Partitions can merge any unallocated space and the adjacent partition.

3.Extend Partition Wizard

AOMEI Partition Assistant has Extend Partition Wizard, and you can follow this Wizard to extend system partition by the guide simply.

Extend Partition Wizard

There are many ways for you to expand C drive such as the tool GParted Windows 7. But the AOMEI Partition Assistant should be the best choice for its powerful features. It supports almost all the Windows OS including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. So, if you want to upgrade the Windows 7 to Windows 10, AOMEI Partition Assistant can be used in Windows 10 too.

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