How to Change Hard Drive Freebox Revolution?

Freebox Revolution is widely used in many services. You can replace the hard drive of Freebox Revolution with a new one to boost the disk performance. Here comes the step-by-step tutorial guiding you to change hard drive Freebox Revolution without data loss.


By Hedy / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Why need to change hard drive Freebox Revolution?

Freebox Revolution, launched in early 2011, is the sixth generation device of Freebox. It is composed of a pair of devices: the ADSL modem/router and the IPTV set top box/media player. When you open the Windows file explorer and click on the "Freebox Server" icon in "Network locations", you can see the Freebox Revolution hard drive has a capacity of 250 GB and also acts as NAS storage.


Sometimes, you may encounter a technical problem or find Freebox not working at all. If you don't know what bugs or software malfunctions prevent the box from running normally and smoothly, you can change hard drive Freebox Revolution to revive it. And this is what we will mainly talk about in the content below. Keep reading.

Stepwise guide: Change hard drive Freebox Revolution

To make sure you can successfully replace the original hard drive of Freebox Revolution with a new one, you need to prepare several things: a new Freebox Revolution hard drive, two cross screwdrivers, and a knife. After that, follow the steps to change hard drive Freebox Revolution Windows 10.

Stage 1. Access to and take out the original disk

Step 1. Cut off the power, unplug all the connection wires, and remove the first back cover from the Freebox Revolution box.


Step 2. Lift the label with a knife carefully and tear it off.


Step 3. You will see a small hole on both sides.



Step 4. Insert a cross screwdriver into each hole and make sure it's inserted tightly.



Step 5. Pull the second back cover out with the help of cross screwdrivers.


Step 6. Then, you will the hard drive in Freebox Revolution. Disconnect it and take it out directly.


Stage 2. Replace hard drive Freebox Revolution with a new one

If you install the new hard drive back directly after taking out the original one, you will get a new brand disk with nothing on it. And you need to download and install everything you need from scratch, which is laborious and time-consuming. So, if you want to keep everything on the old hard drive, the easiest way is to copy the old disk to the new one. After that, it seems like nothing has changed.

To transfer all data from one drive to another easily, you can employ a third-party hard drive cloner like AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. With this disk cloning software, the entire hard drive will be cloned to the new one in a fast and secure way. Most importantly, all programs will run normally and smoothly after cloning.

Before you change hard drive Freebox Revolution without data loss, you need to:

Prepare a running computer and a USB adapter.
Connect the old hard drive (source disk) and new hard drive (destination disk) to the computer.
Download AOMEI software on the computer.

Download Pro DemoWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Part 1. Clone the old disk content to the new one

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Go to "Clone" and "Clone Disk".


Step 2. Select a disk clone method as you like. Here we recommend "Clone Disk Quickly" which clone only used space to another disk.


Step 3. Select the source disk and click "Next".


Step 4. Then select the destination disk and click "Next". Tick "Optimize the performance of SSD" to align partitions if your destination disk is SSD.


Step 5. In the new window, you can resize the partitions on the new drive. Select the one you like and click "Next".

► Copy without resizing partitions: The source disk configuration will be copied on the new disk with the same partition size.
► Fit partitions to the entire disk: The partitions on the source disk will occupy the entire destination disk.
► Edit partitions on this disk: It allows you to adjust the size of partition manually, set the size as you like.


Step 6. After reading a note, click "Finish" and then click "Apply" to commit the operation.


Unplug the hard drive from your computer, and you have gotten a new disk with everything the same as the old one.

Part 2. Install the new disk into Freebox Revolution

Install the new hard drive into the slot, push in the second back cover, and reassemble the first back cover. Then, you have finished the change hard drive Freebox Revolution installation.



Why and how to change hard drive Freebox Revolution? This passage has covered the explanation and detailed tutorial. If you don’t want to lose everything on your old hard drive, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can help you transfer data from one drive to another easily.

In addition, you can keep this software on your computer after replacing Freebox Revolution hard drive because it’s also powerful in managing your computer disks well. For instance, you can allocate free space from one partition to another, migrate OS to SSD, move files from C drive to D drive, wipe hard drive clean, etc.

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