By Cherry / Last Updated May 15, 2020

Using SSD instead of HDD

Both SSD and HDD are computer storage devices. However, more and more users would like to use SSD instead of HDD. Why? HDD, hard disk drive, is the traditional storage device with metal platform, which is widely used in the past years. It is read and written when the metal platform spinning. People in the past few days working with the voice of HDD’s spinning. With the developing of technology, people invented SSD, solid state drive, is the most popular storage device today. It stores data with a little chips without the voice of platform spinning. As it is read and written with the chips, the speed is faster than HDD. For many aspects, the SSD has better properties than HHD. Thus, more and more people using the SSD to instead of HDD.

SSD working slowly

With the thinking of using SSD instead of HDD, users try to migrate OS from HDD to SSD to keep the old operating system. But after cloning, they found that their SSD wasn’t working as fast as they said. Why?

To migrate Windows operating system from HDD to SSD, you need to use a third party software because the Windows built-in tool cannot clone Windows operating system to an SSD with different disk types, motherboard. Even you have already copied the HDD to SSD, you may find that even a little file could occupy a large storage space and the running speed isn’t improved. Here we highly recommend you AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can not only migrate OS from HDD to SSD, but also can copy all data on the HDD to SSD and solve the problem “SSD working slowly” by 4k alignment.

Clone hard drive to SSD with alignment

To clone hard disk drive to solid state drive for better performance isn’t a simple copy. You must do a very important thing to make the SSD get into the best state so that it can perform in the best mode.

To clone hard drive to SSD alignment, AOMEI Partition Assistant can make it with a few steps. but you need to download this software for free.

Step1. Install and launch this freeware, plug click Disk Copy Wizard at the left pane.

Disk Copy Wizard

Step2.It will guide you to copy the whole disk. Select “Copy Disk Quickly”. The “Sector-by-Sector Copy” will copy all sectors of the disk to a target disk no matter it is used or not, so it would take a larger space and more time.

Copy Disk Quickly

Step3.Here you need to choose the source disk. Select disk 1.

Select Disk 1

Step4. Then, select the SSD you plugged in before as the destination space. Select Disk 2. Here you need tick the box marked as red so that the SSD would be optimized. It will clone HDD to SSD alignment.AOMEI Partition Assistant could be the best cloning software that you can clone HDD to SSD alignment by a simple ticking. The software free supports all the Windows PC operating system including Windows 7/8/10.

Select Disk 2

Step5. You can adjust the partition size on the SSD here. Click Next.

Edit Disk

After all the settings, it will give you a note, read it, then, click Finish to back to the main interface and click Apply to execute the whole progress.

Boot Operating System

If you forget to tick that box, the SSD may not run as good as itself. To optimize its performance, you can make a 4k alignment for the SSD partition to get the best performance.