By Cherry / Last Updated September 11, 2019

The Windows cannot be installed on MBR disk

When you install Windows on your disk, you may be reminded that “The Windows cannot be installed on MBR disk”. When you receive the error, you have to convert the disk from MBR to GPT so that the whole progress can work normally.


So you may have questions about MBR and GPT, like “What is MBR or GPT?”, “When should use MBR or GPT?”, and so on.

There are two types of disks, MBR(master boot record) disk and GPT(GUID partition table) disk. MBR disk usually is used in a traditional computer. While nearly Windows 8 or Windows 10’s default disk is GPT. But when we install Windows on a hard disk, we may have the problem that the Windows cannot be installed on MBR or GPT disk.

Besides, there are many other situations you need to convert MBR disk to GPT.

> MBR disk supports up to 2TB volume of a hard disk. Thus, if the hard drive is larger than 2TB, it cannot be used totally - the volume beyond 2TB will be shown as unallocated space and you cannot operate on it, unless you convert the MBR to GPT because GPT disk breaks out the 2TB limitation of MBR disk. It supports up to 18EB.

> On MBR disk, you are allowed to create 4 primary partitions in maximum. If you need more partitions, you have to turn one primary partition into an extended partition so that you can create logical partitions without limitation, or you can convert the MBR disk to GPT because GPT disk has no limit of how many partitions on.

Convert MBR to GPT using CMD without data loss

As it is necessary to convert MBR to GPT, you may want to know how to do it without losing data. Windows Disk Management allows us to convert MBR to GPT with mouse-clicking, but it will delete all data on the hard drive. Thus, you need to figure out another way to convert MBR to GPT without losing data.

Using Diskpart


DiskpartconvertMBR to GPT will delete all data on the original hard drive. So if you do not want to lose data, backup disk before converting with Diskpart.

1>. Using Windows installation disc or any bootable media created before to get into the system installing interface.

2>. Press Shift + F10 to open command prompt. Type in Diskpart, and press Enter key.

3>. Type list disk to view the disk information.

4>. Type select disk n to select the disk that needs to be converted in GPT.

5>. Type convert gpt to convert the select disk into GPT disk.

Diskpart Convert GPT

After that, you can install Windows or create partition on the GPT disk.

A better way to convert MBR to GPT without data loss

Fortunately, there is another way to convert MBR to GPT without data loss, better than Diskpart.exe. That is using AOMEI Partition Assistant , a professional hard disk manager that allows you to convert disk between MBR and GPT without losing data easily.


1. The whole operation will not delete any data on the original drive, but in case of other unexpected situation happens may cause data loss, we suggest you’d better back up data in advance.

2. If you are converting system disk to GPT disk, you need to make sure that the computer supports EFI/UEFI. After converting, you need to get into BIOS and switch from Legacy to EFI/UEFI so that the converted GPT disk can boot successfully.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional provides you the easiest way to convert MBR to GPT without losing data - its GUI with mouse-clicking.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. When you see the main interface, choose the disk you want to convert to GPT (AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional allows you to convert MBR to GPT disk no matter it is system disk or disk without system installed on). Right-click on it and select Convert to GPT disk.

Convert Data Disk To Gpt

Step 2. It will pop up a window that you need to confirm. Click OK and you’ll be back to the main interface.

Ok To Gpt Data Disk

Step3. Here you can see that the disk has been converted into GPT, but it’s not the end. You need to click Apply at the toolbar to execute the task.

Apply To Gpt Data Disk

*Windows Server users can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition.


No matter which method you like, both of them can help you convert MBR to GPT. And obviously, convert MBR to GPT using CMD without data loss is unreal if you haven’t backup disk in advanced. However, using AOMEI Partition Assistant GUI will easily convert MBR to GPT without data loss. It’s a better choice.