By Bryce / Last Updated December 19, 2019

Can I clone MBR to GPT SSD directly?

“I have a 500GB MBR partitioned disk with Windows 7 installed on. I want to replace it with my newly purchased 1TB GPT partitioned SSD while I don’t want to reinstall Windows and all other applications on GPT SSD? Can I just clone my MBR system disk to GPT SSD directly and boot my computer from the cloned GPT SSD successfully?”


Before making a decision of duplicating MBR disk to GPT, it's wise to have a basic understating of the differences between MBR and GPT disks.

Obviously, compared with MBR disk, GPT has many advantages. If your operating system is 64bit and the computer motherboard supports UEFI boot mode, it’s a nice choice to clone MBR to GPT disk. Otherwise, you can choose to convert GPT SSD into MBR before cloning disk.

How to clone MBR to GPT SSD within few clicks?

Make sure that the OS supports GPT disk and the motherboard supports UEFI boot mode. Then, you can turn to reliable disk cloning software to perform the disk copy operation.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, specially designed for Windows, enables you to clone MBR to GPT disk (SSD or HDD) in Windows 10/8/7 effortlessly and directly. Thus, you can upgrade MBR system disk to GPT SSD without reinstalling OS and applications.
✎ It can clone only used space or clone every sector on source disk to target one, allowing you to clone disk to smaller one or clone disk with bad sector.
✎ It can make 4K alignment for SSD to improve SSD’s performance during the cloning process.
✎ What’s more, it has a user-friendly interface, thus you can handle it effortlessly.

Now, connect the GPT SSD to your computer and make sure it can be detected. Install the software and have a look at how it works:

Or you download its demo version to have a try!

PS.: If you need to clone MBR hard drive to GPT SSD in Windows Server, please employ AOMEI Partition Assistant Server.

Step 1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant and choose All Tools > Disk Clone Wizard in the main interface.

Disk Copy Wizard

Step 2. A window will pop up. Here you can choose a way to copy MBR disk to GPT based on specific situation. Here I choose Clone Disk Quickly.

Copy Disk Quickly

Step 3. Choose the MBR system disk as the source disk.

Select Source Disk

Step 4. Select the GPT disk as the target disk. When it is SSD, check “Optimize the performance of SSD…

Select Destination Disk

Step 5. Here you can edit partitions on the target disk.

Edit Disk

You’ll be prompted by a note about how to boot operating system from target disk. Read and remember it. Then, click “Finish”.


Step 6. You’ll be in main interface. Confirm your operation and click Apply>Proceed to execute it.


Step 7. After cloning the MBR system disk to GPT, to boot from the cloned GPT disk, you can boot into BIOS to change boot mode from Legacy to UEFI and set the cloned disk as the boot device.


  • When you clone MBR disk to larger GPT disk, there might be unallocated space after cloning, you add the unallocated space to another drive or create a new partition with the unallocated space to make full use of it.

  • After making sure that you can boot the computer from the GPT destination disk, if you want to give up your old MBR source disk, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to wipe disk completely and irrevocably.


Just within five simple steps, you are able to clone MBR to GPT SSD or HDD via AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Actually, it can clone GPT disk to MBR as well. Besides, it can help you to migrate OS to GPT, convert dynamic disk into basic without data loss, securely erase SSD, etc.