Best Alternative to Defraggler for Windows Device

In this article, we’ll share an excellent Defraggler alternative tool to help you easily and thoroughly defrag your hard drives and set schedule defrag to save your work.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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About Defraggler

Defragmenting your hard drive is an essential component of computer ownership. This is why Windows now activates the onboard defragmenter by default. However, the application's possibilities are restricted.


To get better defragmentation, many choices have emerged to help users. Piriform's Defraggler is a freemium defragmentation tool that may defragment individual files or groups of files on a computer system. Defraggler works on Microsoft Windows and is compatible with all versions beginning with Windows XP.  This utility allows you to defrag the assigned drives, and the drive map will show you vacant blocks, not fragmented, or require defragmentation. It also organizes empty drive space to help avoid fragmentation and allows you to schedule defragmentation daily, weekly, or monthly.

You can install this tool from its web. On the main page, you can select the drive, one drive at once, to analyze it first and defrag it.


Advanced Defraggler alternative 2022 to defrag disk thoroughly

However, although Defraggler is a nice tool, more and more users find that defrag is only a part of the improvement of their devices. If there is a program that can offer a full range of help to assist them to manage disks, it would be more convenient. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional is such a catch-all tool. The “Disk Defrag” feature of this tool offers normal defrag tasks. And users can set their personalized schedule to automatically defrag the target disk. In addition, there are other conditions you can change according to your situation, like the fragmentation rate, the idle time of your PC, the battery conditions…

What’s more, this versatile tool has many useful tricks to help you solve PC glitches in daily use. You can upgrade to SSD without losing anything or reinstalling your OS via “Disk Clone Wizard”; if the C drive is nearing capacity, you can "Allocate Free Space" from another drive to the C drive without affecting your data; the installed programs can be transferred by “App Mover” to a new location to release space without reinstalling…

One tool, one more option.

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Now we’ll show you how to defrag your disk with the best defrag software in 2022.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click on the disk and select the "Disk Defrag" function.

Disk defragment

Step 2. If you wish to directly set the defrag schedule, please click “Schedule”. If you wish to defrag at first, please tick the partition needed to be analyzed, and click "Analyze". Here, we’ll show how to set defrag schedule.

Click schedule

Step 3. In the schedule settings, you can choose drives, the frequency mode, and the exact time to defrag the target drives. You’ll have 5 options about time mode, usually, we choose “Monthly”, just select a suitable frequency according to your needs.

Choose schedule mode

Step 4. Tick “Conditions” and click “Define”, and set the rate of fragmentation to trigger the schedule to defrag your disk. And there are “minutes” for idle time. The time setting is to make sure the program won’t hurt the data of other programs. Click “OK” to save all settings.

The rate of fragmentation

This tool has a clear interface and detailed selections for you to refer to. You can safely defrag the target drives.

Further knowledge: How to improve the performance of an SSD

For a better experience, more and more people prefer to use SSD as the system disk, while an HDD is usually used as the storage disk.

We suggest users do not defrag the SSD, because it will affect the lifespan of your SSD. To improve the performance of SSD, AOMEI Partition has a “Partition Alignment” function to help you. This feature is specifically designed to boost your SSD's reading and writing speeds. As a result, it considerably enhances the operating speed of your discs and, as a result, the efficiency of your computer.

Before the alignment:
1. If any other apps are running on the partition where you intend to execute the operation, AOMEI Partition Assistant will prompt you to close them.
2. Before you perform the partition alignment task, we strongly recommend you check if there are any errors on that partition.
3. Aligning a partition will reposition the data on that partition. If your partition has a big quantity of data, the alignment procedure will take longer to complete. After choosing "Apply," you'll be able to see the expected time of operation.

Step 1. Right-click the specified partition and select "Advanced" -> "Partition Alignment".

Partition Alignment

Step 2. In the pop-up window, you could set the sector of the partition to align. We advise SSD users to align the partition in the 4096 sectors. You also can use the default size.

4K Partition Alignment

Step 3. At this moment, you can preview the result. Then, click "Apply" to execute partition alignment and finish this operation.


To make your SSD faster, there are more tricks you can learn: 7 Quick Tricks to Make SSD Run Faster.


As a Defraggler alternative, the best defrag program Windows 10 and Windows 11, AOMEI Partition Assistant can give you more conveniences than you expect. For Server users, we have AOMEI Partition Assistant Server which supports Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012(R2)/2008.

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