By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

What is Diskpart?

DiskPart.exe is a partition manager tool from command line available in Windows 2000 and later version of Windows. As a replacement of Fdisk, this utility allows users to manage disks, partitions or volumes from a command prompt or a script. Diskpart can do more actions than Disk Management, Windows built-in partition tool with a graphical user interface. Diskpart can be used to create, delete and resize partitions or volumes. If you do not quite familiar with the command of diskpart, you can use the command “help” to list all the available commands.

Disadvantages of Diskpart commands line

Although DiskPart can do many things regarding partition configuration and management, one may look for a free diskpart command line alternative for the disadvantages of diskpart listed below.

  • Only when there is adjacent unallocated space to its right of a partition, can you extend a simple volume.

  • You can only shrink a partition from its right side, which means you need to delete a partition to get unallocated space if you want to extend C: drive.

  • The system partition cannot be extended with diskpart.exe unless you boot from a bootable disk to run the diskpart command.

  • Inappropriate operations may cause data loss and it is impossible to undo any operations, so make sure that you backup files and programs which are important, before you make any moves with diskpart.

Actually things would be much easier if you use third party software to resize partition.

Free alternative to Diskpart - AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is free partition software developed to manage the drives installed in a computer including hard disk drives, optical disk drives, flash drives, etc. one can move or resize partition by dragging and moving on the disk map; one can convert disk between MBR and GPT without data loss; one can migrate OS to SSD or another HDD without reinstalling system and applications; one can quickly partition a hard drive with preset partition layout; one can find more functions that you need while using it. What’s more, you can preview and cancel all the operation before applying, and you can recover a mis-deleted partition by using Partition Recovery Wizard. At last but not least, the concise graphical user interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant displays as blow.


Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant also provides partassist.exe utility allowing users to manage hard disk partitions from command prompt. You can use most of AOMEI Partition Assistant’s features from command line, like resize/move partition without data loss, create/delete/format a partition, initialize a disk, and rebuild MBR. It is really helpful for those who like to use command prompt to manage multi-task instead of opening many windows.

For those extraordinary features, AOMEI Partition Assistant can be regarded as the best free diskpart command line alternative. Now you can free download it and enjoy. If you want to use advanced features such as Allocate Free Space, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic, try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Besides, if you're a server user, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is the best one.