By Cherry / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Problem: Storage space running out

Recently, my android phone gives me a notification “Storage space running out” frequently (the following picture is the screen shot), and it works not smoothly at the same time. I am thinking for free up space on android, but I do not want to delete any of my applications. So, here is my question, how to free up space on android without deleting apps?

Space Running Out

Solution: increase internal memory storage

In fact, many android phone users are all faced this problem. The internal memory (RAM) is very important for phone users, because users installed applications and games on their internal memory. An android phone comes with good internal memory will perform smoothly, meanwhile, it is very costly. For saving money at the firstly, part of users choose a low internal memory phone, but after a period of time, it may get into the trouble like storage space running out, insufficient storage available error, etc.

When you meet those kind of problems, you should know that it’s because of the internal memory of android running out of space, and you need to delete some applications or large files on your android to free up space on android. Otherwise, you need to increase internal memory storage of android.

How to free up space on android without deleting apps?

If you want to free up space on android without deleting apps, you can add a microSD card to your android device and move some apps or large files to the SD card. But first, you need to prepare for it.


  • 1. Make sure that your android device has a microSD card slot. Many android devices have SD card slot, which you can add the SD card to your android devices directly. If it doesn’t have, you need to use an SD card read adapter to connect the SD card with your android.

  • 2. Please make sure that your android has been rooted.

  • 3. Then, you need to prepare a SD card (class 4 or high). Some laptop or desktop has built in SD card slot, if not, you need a SD card reader.

  • 4. Download Link2SD from Play Store. This application will help you to move applications to the SD card easily.

  • 5. Finally, you need to download the free partition manager AOMEI Partition Assistant. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a great partition manager. You can use it to partition computer hard drive, format external hard drive to FAT32 or other file system, fix SD card not working in Windows 10, save data before formatting SD card in Windows. What’s the most, it can help you partition the SD card so that it can be used on your android device. It can work well with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.

Detailed steps:

Partition SD card with AOMEI Partition Assistant

Step1. Connect your SD card with your computer. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. It will display you all the storage devices on the main interface. Here you should format SD card first. then, you can start to repartition the SD card to fit your android.

Tips: format SD card will delete all data on your SD card. so if there are some important files on your SD card, backup them via free AOMEI Backupper first.

Step2. Then, you need to repartition the SD card. You need to create two partitions on the SD card, one FAT32 partition is for your internal memory, and another is EXT3, for expand the storage space. Right click the SD card, select Create Partition.

Create FAT32

Step3. In the pop up window, you can set up partition size, drive letter, file system for the created partition. You should clickAdvanced to create the partition as primary partition.

Primary FAT32

Step4. When you click OK, you will back to the main interface. You should click Apply to submit the proceed.

Apply FAT32

Step5. Then, you need to create an EXT3 partition with the rest space with the same procedure. Right click the unallocated space. In the pop up window, choose file system as EXT3.

Primary EXT3

Note: removable drive will only show the first primary partition. Thus, the second partition will have no drive letter.

Step6. When you back to the main interface, clickApply.

Apply EXT3

After repartition SD card, you can add the SD card to your android device to free up more space on android. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a great partition manager. It is worth to use with so many features. If you need more advanced features, you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to get more.

Free up space on android without deleting apps

To free up space on android without deleting apps, here you need to use the application manager Link2SD. You cannot move apps to SD card directly.

> Install the Link2SD in your android device, run the application, it will ask for root permission. Then, it will ask for .ext partition that you created before. Select EXT3.

> It will display “Mount Script Created”. Reboot your android device.

> Open Link2SD app, if no error message appears, it means you have successfully increased the internal memory of android device. Then, you can move your apps and large files to your SD card via Link2SD to free up space android.

Hope this article will help you!