How to Move Minecraft to Another Drive [3 Ways]

How to move Minecraft to another drive once for all? Instead of the insecure copy-paste method, in this post, I listed another 3 alternative ways that are more feasible and practical to help get it done.


By Michael / Updated on May 12, 2023

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How can I move minecart to a bigger drive?

I’m a Minecraft player and recently, I found the game got literally much bigger than I first installed it. Since there is not quite enough space left, I decide to move MC to another drive, namely, to a newly purchased SSD. On the one hand, I can get more storage for the game since the size of the game itself is becoming bigger; On the other hand, SSD provides better performance. However, I don’t want to reinstall the game since there’re quite a lot of game savings I don’t want to lose. The game is also big and it will be time-consuming to redownload it. So, how to move Minecraft to another drive? Any ways availabe?

Why move Minecraft to another drive?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios. In the game, players will try their best to explore the world, build up their own territory, and fight different monsters including zombies and beasts so as to survive, choosing their own way to make a living. The design of the open world is significantly amazing and to some extent, it mirrors our real life and that’s why millions of people love this game.

As for the game size, you only need 1GB of free disk space for installation. However, over time, as you explore more and build more, the game can become literally bigger, from tens of GBs to over 1 hundred GBs. In this case, there might be insufficient free space left and thus, the game might run pretty slowly and many errors like frequent crashes and black screen could also occur. Meanwhile, some players want to put the game on an SSD in pursuit of better performance. That’s why they move Minecraft to another drive.

How to move Minecraft to another drive securely

When it comes to moving games between drives, there’re not so many options available. Thus, I gathered the top 3 ones after a long journey on the internet, searching practical ways to get it done. Read on and choose any of them in terms of your own requirement.

Method 1. Using App & Features

If your game is purchased online from Microsoft Store, for example, Minecraft, then, you can go into Apps & Features and use the “Move” button to transfer the game to another drive.

Note: If the game is purchased from other third-party game distribution platforms like Steam, Origin, and Epic, the “Move” button will be greyed out.

1. Press Win + I to open Windows Settings.

2. Follow “Systems” > “Apps & Features”.

3. Select Minecraft and click on “Move”.

4. Select a destination and click on “Move” again.


If the “Move” button of Minecraft is greyed out, that might be caused by a software conflict. Follow the steps below to fix it.

1. In Apps & Features, find Minecraft, and click on “Advanced Options”.

2. Click the “Reset” button.

3. If the resetting doesn’t work or is not available, click on the “Repair” button instead.

4. Restart your computer

Method 2. By redownloading

If the move button is greyed out in “App & Features” and the issue isn’t resolved after you tried all ways, you can consider redownloading the game.

1. First, uninstall MC. Open Control Panel and select “Programs & Features”.

2. Select MC and hit “Uninstall”.

uninstall programs

3. Reinstall the game from Microsoft Store. You can change the install drive and path now.

Method 3. Try third-party disk manager [recommended]

If neither of the 2 methods mentioned above works, then, you might as well rely on the most powerful third-party disk management software AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. With its features of “App Mover”, you’re able to move any apps including games, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office from one drive to another or from an HDD to an SSD without data loss. Besides, if you want to move all data from one drive to another, you can use its hard disk cloner or partition cloner to get it done.

How to move Minecraft to another drive? Try this impressive disk management software utility to do it securely and quickly!

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Then, follow “Free up” > “App Mover”.


Step 2. Select the game install partition and hit “Next” to proceed.


Step 3. Tick Minecraft and preset the destination drive for it. Then, hit “Next”.

tick the game

Step 4. Hit “OK” when prompted with a warning.


Step 5. Click on “Finish” after it’s completed.


Now, try opening the game to see whether it runs normally.


How to move Minecraft to another drive?  When the C drive is full or when you hope to install a new SSD, this is what you should consider about. In this post, I provided the top 3 most practical ways to get it done. However, as for me, I prefer Method 3 – using AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional - for it worked pretty well on me. It not only provided to move MC, but also transferred many other programs from the C drive to the D drive which fixed the C drive full issue. If you want to use this software utility on Server PCs, please try the Server edition.

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