Free HP PC Cleaner for All Windows OS Users

With a professional HP PC cleaner, you can conveniently clean your OS and the disk to keep their high performance.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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It is unavoidable that all computers will slow down at some time. As software grows more demanding, how your PC responds to these changes can have a significant influence on its performance. The operating system you are using, as well as whether or not you have opted to update to Windows 11, can potentially make a significant effect. 

Why is my HP PC so slow and laggy? 

There are several causes for a sluggish HP laptop in various locations. Too many apps running at the same time, running out of disk space, overheating and burning your laptop, defective or obsolete data, and poor usage... The following are the three key factors that will be discussed: 

1. Hardware flaws 
Hardware refers to anything you can physically touch, such as a keyboard, display, and mouse. It also covers all of the components found within a computer, such as the hard disk, motherboard, and video card. As a result, any problem with the hardware system may result in causalities.

2. Software issues 
Software failure and corruption might be causes of the laptop's sluggish performance. And if you occasionally installed some malware, your computer may confront more serious problems like BSOD, frequent frozen and crashes. 

3. Junk files pile up 
Junk files are transient files created by your computer. These files were formerly helpful since programs, software, and operating systems need temporary files to perform computing tasks, such as cache files, temporary system files, Thumbnails, and so on. 

These files become outdated when they have served their purpose. All of those files consume a significant amount of storage space, and when your storage capacity is gone, your device may become sluggish or have other performance issues. 

How do you clean up my HP PC so it runs faster? 

Your computer, like any other machine, requires ongoing care and protection. Besides keeping physical components away from dust, when we’re talking about PC cleaner, mostly, it refers to PC system cleaner software to help users clean junk files as we mentioned in the last part, cache files and other useless, outdated data files in the system. If you clean these files regularly, your disks and system will be well maintained and keep in a nice status. 

To solve this issue, Windows has a built-in drive cleaner called Disk Cleanup. It can help users do some surface cleaning. You can press Windows + S, search for Disk Cleanup, and double-click the search result to open this tool. 

And in the pop-up window, select the drive you want to clean up from the drop-down menu and click OK. Wait patiently until the tool finishes scanning this drive. Then, in the new window, click Clean up system files to scan for more system cache. 

Disk Cleanup

However, only a basic clean can’t clean all hidden junk files. And if you want to clean other dives, you’ll need to repeat this job on every drive. Thus, is there any other option to simplify this work? 

Employ free HP PC cleaner for Windows OS 

Manually searching for and removing junk files from your computer will take a long time. Furthermore, as previously stated, there are junk files hidden deep within numerous folders. It is impossible to clean them completely. To solve these problems, we strongly recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, a free PC system cleaner for users of Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP. 

This tool's "PC Cleaner" function can scan the whole system for trash files, obsolete files, and registry data. You may customize what you want to leave and what you want to remove, and then execute a one-click clean to simply and safely clean your computer. 

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Now, let’s see more details about how to clean the HP laptop hard drive with this cleaning tool.  

Step 1. Download and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, and click "Free up" in the top toolbar and "PC Cleaner" in turn. 

PC Cleaner

Step 2. Click "Start Scan" in the new pop-up window to scan your computer for unwanted files. 

Start scan

Step 3. After starting the scan, please wait for a while until the progress bar is loaded. 


Step 4. Unneeded data will be automatically selected, you can directly click "Clean All" to delete them. If you still have other unnecessary files, you can tick the boxes of the corresponding files. 

After scan

Step 5. When you see a correct symbol displayed in the interface, you can click "Back" to leave the function. 

Cleanup finished

Then an HP computer cleanup is finished. 

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If you want to thoroughly wipe your hard drive for reusing or selling, this tool also has a “Wipe Hard Drive” feature for you to easily clear all data on your HDD. 

Wipe hard drive

Final lines

A reliable HP PC cleaner can save much time and energy for you. AOMEI Partition Assistant is an all-around disk and partition manager, if you upgrade to the Professional Edition, you can unlock more practical functions like, migrating OS to a larger disk without reinstalling, moving installed programs to another disk/drive, converting system/data disk between MBR/GPT, securely erase SSD, extend C drive with the free space from another drive, etc.  

And if you need, you can choose the Server Edition to manage your Windows Server 2022/2019/2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2)/2003. 

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