Invalid System Disk Error in Windows XP/7/10 - How to Solve?

Encounter Invalid system disk error when you boot up your computer? This post shows you the reasons and the solutions for it.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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The Symptom

An "Invalid system disk" error message occurred to your computer after reboot, which is a troublesome thing for those who are not familiar with computer.

Invalid System Disk

Thus, we’ll see such questions in technology forums like that "when I turn on my computer I get an error message prompt that 'invalid system disk replace the disk, and then press any key' I have a pile of data on my 500GB hard drive and I really need them. And I use Windows 7 Ultimate as my OS. Before this error occurred, my Windows 7 is doing an update" or another situation like invalid system disk when trying to boot from USB flash drive. Besides, you could meet the invalid system disk in Windows 10/XP. Another similar mistake is that operating system not found.

The Causes

The causes could be variable depends on specific situation. The error appears after the Windows XP/7/10 installed, hard drive replacement, or motherboard upgrade usually. The invalid system disk error may due to these reasons:

  • The boot order is false.

  • Your hard disk might be infected by virus.

  • The boot record of system drive is corrupted.

  • Your hard drive could be damaged.

How to: fix "Invalid system disk" error

How to fix invalid system disk on boot up in Windows XP/7/10? There are some useful guidance for you. Even you’re a green hand, you can easily work it out.

➢ Way 1: Check the boot sequence in BIOS

To make sure you can boot from the right hard drive which you want to boot from, set the first boot device is your system hard disk with Windows installed or a bootable media in BIOS interface. If the first boot device that does not contain boot files, you’ll get this error message.

➢ Way 2: Repair Windows XP/7/10 System Files

Since the virus could attack the boot sector or boot record on your system hard disk so that you get this error message. In most cases, MBR might be corrupted.

Then, you can use Windows XP/7/10 installation disc or Rebuild MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to repair your system.

➢Repair with Windows XP/7/10 Installation Disc

1. Put the Windows installation disc into your computer, then turn on your computer.

2. Press a key to boot from the installation media.

3. Select the corresponding options for Language, Time, and Input method, and click "Next".

4. Click "Repair your computer".

5. Select the Windows operating system that you want to repair.

➢Repair MBR with AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

You can refer to this tutorial to rebuild MBR in Windows 7/8/10 to fix invalid system disk issue.

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. On this main window, right click the system hard disk and select "Rebuild MBR".

Rebuild System Disk Mbr

Step 2. Choose a MBR type for your current Windows 7/8/10/11 OS, press "OK".

Choose Mbr Type Os

Step 3. Click "Apply" to rebuild MBR after checking the operation if it’s right at the Pending Operations in the left corner.


Then you can solve this problem. In addition, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional also provides other main features like migrate OS to SSD, create bootable media, Extend System partition, convert disk between MBR and GPT, and more.

➢ Way 3: Replace Hard Drive

Check whether the system hard drive is detected or not in BIOS interface, if so, the boot sector is corrupted, use the Way 2 to fix. If else, you may encounter a hard drive failure issue, you can look for help with the hard drive manufacturer for replacement. Please keep in mind, backup your hard drive to another one if you can in case of data loss.


With these solutions, the invalid system disk problem will never bother you again, you’ll have a good reboot and do your valuable things.

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