How to Perform Lenovo Wipe Hard Drive from BIOS?

You may need to wipe Lenovo disk from BIOS for certain reasons, but can you wipe hard drive from BIOS successfully? If you can, how to do it? If not, what would you do? Don’t worry, you will find the answer and the detailed tutorial from this post.


By Hedy / Updated on October 8, 2023

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How do I wipe my Lenovo hard drive from BIOS?

"I completely wiped out the hard drive on my Lenovo laptop when I installed another operating system. I am having issues now installing the newer version. How can I wipe out the hard drive from BIOS? I don't see an option."

Like the user above, you may meet the same situation where you want to wipe HDD/SSD from BIOS. For instance, you need to sell or throw away your computer but you cannot boot it normally or you have to erase your system partition, the solution to it is wiping your drive clean within BIOS. But can you really perform Lenovo wipe hard drive from BIOS? To figure out this, you need to know what BIOS is and how it works.

✎ What is BIOS?

BIOS stands for basic input/output system, it's a program that is made accessible to the microprocessor on an erasable programmable read-only memory (EPROM) chip. Inside the BIOS, you can make a lot of changes to basic computer settings, like modifying system time and date or changing the boot order. That's why the BIOS is also known as "Setup".

When you boot up a computer, BIOS will first check whether all the necessary attachments a bootable computer needs are operational and in place. After making sure all the boot devices are functioning, BIOS loads the OS into the PC's random access memory (RAM) from the boot device to ensure normal running.

Can you wipe a hard drive from the BIOS?

From the content above, you can answer the question now. Can you wipe hard drive from BIOS? In theory, the answer is NO. One use of the BIOS is to recognize the normal function of your hard drive, how can it allow you to clean up the drives?

However, we have mentioned that you can change the boot order in BIOS, so we could consider booting from Windows bootable media (USB, CD, or DVD) and using it to wipe the hard drive. This action will let BIOS see the target hard drive as a pure data disk so as not to prevent you from clearing it. That is to say, you can wipe hard drive from BIOS Lenovo in practica. 

How to perform Lenovo wipe hard drive from BIOS?

Since you can't enter the BIOS setup and wipe Lenovo hard drive directly, you have to create a bootable CD, DVD, or USB flash drive in the first place, boot from it, and then, wipe out the disk completely. Here we recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to you. It's a powerful partition manager which provides you with corresponding features to create bootable media as well as wipe hard drives so you don't need to spend extra time finding other tools.

★Before you do:
Prepare a USB flash drive (recommended) used to make bootable media.
Please back up whatever you need at first because all the data on the USB and to-be-wiped hard drive will be erased forever.

Then, download the demo version and follow the stepwise guide below to learn how to wipe Lenovo laptop from BIOS in Windows 11/10/8/7.

Download Pro DemoWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

► Part 1. Create bootable USB or CD/DVD

Step 1. Insert the prepared USB drive into a running computer and make sure it has been well detected and recognized.

Step 2. Install and run AOMEI software. Click "Make Bootable Media" from "Tools" and click "Next".


Step 3. Choose "USB Boot Device" and click "Proceed".


Step 4. Wait patiently and then click "Finish".


After the bootable media has been created successfully, you could move to the next part to perform Lenovo wipe hard drive from BIOS in a secure way.

► Part 2. Wipe hard drive

Step 1. Connect this bootable USB flash drive to your Lenovo computer, restart it, and get into the BIOS by pressing some keys (F2 or Fn + F2 for laptop and F1 for desktop).

Step 2. Change the boot order to boot from the bootable USB you have just created. Then, you will directly get into the main interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click the hard drive you want to wipe and choose "Wipe Hard Drive".


Step 3. It will pop up a window listing the wiping methods. Select one based on your need, here we choose "Fill sectors with Zero" as an example.


Step 4. It will pop up a note to ask you if you are sure to delete all partitions including the system partition. If the system partition is deleted, your computer won't start the next time. If you are aware of it, click "Yes" to continue.

Step 5. Then you will be back to the main interface, and click "Apply" to submit the operations to wipe hard drive from BIOS Lenovo.


However, if your disk is a solid-state drive (SSD), you can't use the same way to wipe it because the "Wipe Hard Drive" function would hurt the lifespan and affect the performance of the SSD. Luckily, AOMEI software is so versatile that it provides an "SSD Secure Erase" feature to erase all the data on your SSD safely and easily.



How to perform Lenovo wipe hard drive from BIOS? In theory, you can't make it directly, but with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, you could create a bootable USB and then boot from it to wipe Lenovo hard drive practically. Besides, no matter whether you wipe HDD or erase SSD, AOMEI Partition Assistant would do the best job.

Actually, AOMEI software is more than a disk wiper, but is also a disk optimizer for Windows 10, it allows you to free up space without data loss, upgrade HDD to SSD without reinstalling, move folders to a different place, recover lost data, and do many other things to manage your partitions better.

Hedy · Staff Editor
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