By Bryce / Last Updated March 10, 2022

How to migrate OS and apps to Plextor SSD easily?

“Hello, guys! To speed up my computer, I intend to replace my current boot disk with a Plextor SSD. I’m afraid of reinstalling Windows OS and other applications on the Plextor SSD. I have planned to transfer all data including OS from HDD to SSD via copying and pasting files, but I found that there are too many files. Is there any advice?”

Disk cloning software for Plextor SSD

In fact, it is not a good idea to move data to SSD via directly copying and pasting all files. Firstly, as mentioned in Scenario, there are plenty of files, thus the whole process can be time-consuming; secondly, you are unable to boot system normally as some system files are inaccessible after pasted into another disk. Then, do you have to reinstall all programs and Windows operating system?

Don’t worry, this comprehensive and powerful Plextor SSD cloning software – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can assist you! With Disk Clone Wizard feature, it supports you to clone your current hard drive to Plextor SSD or other SSDs of different sizes with secure boot. It allows you to clone OS drive only to SSD if the capacity of the target disk is not enough to hold all data on the source disk. What’s more, it can align SSD partitions to improve SSD’s performance during the cloning process.

For compatibility, it can work with Windows 10/8.1/8/7, XP and Vista; if you are a Windows Server user, you can employ AOMEI Partition Assistant Server edition.

Clone hard drive to Plextor SSD step by step

To perform hard drive to Plextor SSD copy, connect the SSD to your computer at first; install and run the data migration software for Plextor SSD. Then, do as the following step:

You can download the demo version of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to have a try.

Download Demo Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. In the main console, select "All Tools" and "Disk Clone Wizard".

Step 2. If you clone HDD to smaller Plextor SSD, choose "Clone Disk Quickly". If you clone to larger Plextor SSD, you can choose one method as you like.

Specific differences between the two methods:

  • "Clone Partition Quickly" – only copies the used space on the source disk; the size of destination disk should be equal or larger than the used space on the source disk.

  • "Sector-by-Sector Clone" - copies all sectors (unused space included) of source disk to destination disk. The size of target disk should not smaller than the size of source disk.

Step 3. Choose the current boot disk as source disk and click Next.

Step 4. Choose your Plextor SSD as target disk, tick Optimize the performance of SSD and click Next.

Step 5. Here you can adjust partition size on the destination disk. Then, click Next.


Then, you’ll receive a Note about how to boot from the cloned disk. Remember it and click Finish.

Step 6. Now, you’ll get to the main interface of this Plextor SSD cloning software. Click "Apply" to execute operation.


  • Since this process will erase all data on the destination disk, you'd better back up important files on the target disk in advance.

  • If you want to keep your HDD simultaneously, you need to enter BIOS to change boot order.

  • If you clone MBR disk to GPT SSD, you should change the system boot mode to UEFI; if you clone GPT disk to MBR SSD, you should change to Legacy boot mode.

Wrap things up

Obviously, this Plextor SSD cloning software enables you to clone current HDD to Plextor SSD within few clicks. In fact, it enjoys many other powerful functions as well. For example, it comes along with Partition Recovery Wizard feature, which is able to recover deleted/lost partition on external hard drive, internal hard drive, and so on; its Partition C Wizard makes it possible to clone data partition only to new hard drive.