Learn How to Restore Lost Partition on USB Flash Drive in Windows

Partition on USB flash drive gets damaged frequently. This article will show you how to restore lost partition table on USB drive easily after mistakenly deleting.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Reasons to restore partition on USB drive

USB flash drive, as the most common removable device, is widely used in computing and our daily life. Many files such as music, video, photos, and business documents are transferred from computer to computer through a USB stick. It is because of contacting with a variety of machines, the USB stick is more vulnerable to being damaged. Therefore, one may need to restore the partition table on a USB drive when it is lost or deleted by unfriendly intentions.


Apart from transferring files, a USB flash drive can be used as a bootable device just in case the computer fails to boot. When the drive is lost, it is hard to clone bootable USB drive to another place if the need ever arises.

What’s more, with the increasing capacity of USB hard drive, more and more users stores important personal or business data on the device. That’s to say, it is also treated as physical storage. For instance, copy operating system to USB flash drive as a system backup.

If you delete its partition by mistake, you can get the backup image back by recovering lost USB hard drive partition. All contents on the volume will be recovered during that course.

How to restore partition on USB drive in Windows?

Once you find that the USB drive partition is lost or mistakenly deleted, do not write anything to that partition. Anything you input will overwrite the surviving data on sector and you won’t be able to recover them anymore. What you need to do next is to find effective USB partition recovery software.

The Partition Recovery Wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional will help you recover deleted or lost partitions on a USB flash drive within several clicks. There are Fast Search and Full Search options provided for you. Fast Search will scan the first sector of each partition on the selected disk in order to find out the deleted or lost partition quickly.

If you fail to find out partition with Fast Search, Full Search will do that more in-depth. This needs more time at the same time. It supports FAT32, FAT, NTFS, and Linux file system-based partition. Normally, it is a FAT32 partition on a USB drive.

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Easily recover lost partition on USB drive via AOMEI Partition Assistant

Supposing that we have G drive but delete it accidentally, now let’s learn how to recover it.

Computer Management

▶ Preparation: Do not do anything to the USB drive to avoid the original data being overwritten. 

Step 1. Install and start this software. Click “Partition Recovery” under "Recover" menu. Select Disk 2 in the given list.

Partition Recovery Wizard

Step 2. Choose a search method and it is recommended to select the first one. If it fails, choose the second one.

Search Method

Step3. Select the partition you want to recover from following list box and click “Proceed” to start recovering.

Select Lost Partition

Step4. The time this process takes depending on how much data is on the partition. You’ll see following window once it completes.


Step 6. If it is recovered successfully, Windows will pops up a mini AutoPlay window and gives you option to view files. Then you can view them in Windows Explorer and take them to safe place.


Windows Explorer

1. If you cannot view files in Windows Explorer, give it a drive letter and try again.
2. You can double-click the partition in Step3 to check files and confirm whether the partition is the one you want to recover.
3. You can select more than one partition by ticking in the box which lies in front of each partition information and recover them all at one time.
4. This feature could only support recovering lost/deleted partitions. If you want to recover files from a formatted, corrupted partition, you need to use data backup software.

Wrap things up

Restoring deleted partition on USB flash drive is not as complex as you think when you turn to the right partition recovery software. In addition, you can use this software to restore deleted partitions on a physical hard drive including the disk with the OS partition on.

If you have trouble using files in the partition, try the Check Partition function of AOMEI Partition Assistant to see if there have bad sectors. What’s more, this software allows you to transfer OS from GPT disk to SSD without reinstalling when you plan to upgrade the hard drive.

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