Best SSD Repair Tool: Fix Corrupted SSD Easily

Need an SSD repair tool to fix some SSD issues? Here, we collect some SSD repair methods and bring a great solid-state-drive repair program. It can help fix some damaged SSD drives.


By Emily / Updated on June 3, 2024

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How do I Know if my SSD is failing?

Although Solid State Drives are less prone to damage, have a longer lifespan than mechanical hard drives, they can also be damaged. Then you might need an SSD repair tool. But how to check if the SSD is failing or about to die? Refer to the below list.

Symptom 1. Some data files cannot be read

When you find a file in the system cannot be read, the system probably has detected the data is in bad blocks on the SSD drive. Then you are not allowed to read anything from the SSD.

Symptom 2. The file system needs to be fixed

If you get Boot BCD error on Windows as shown below, it could be a sign of a bad block or interface problem with SSD. For such issues, different operating systems will proactively prompt you to use the built-in file system repair tool. You can have a try.

Boot Bcd Error

Symptom 3. Frequent crashes during startup

If your system installed on the SSD drive crashes frequently during boot, and it persists even after you use the reset key, there is a chance that the SSD is about to die.

Symptom 4. SSD drive becomes read-only

If you suddenly find that your SSD is in read only mode and refuses any write operations, but you have not manually set the disk to read only, it is probably because the SSD is corrupted.

Symptom 5. SSD drive runs slow

When you find the your SSD is slowing down, it probably gets damaged.

How to fix corrupted SSD on Windows easily

If you are being irritated by any one of the symptoms listed above, you can try the following 3 regular ways before applying a professional SSD drive repair utility.

If the data in the damaged SSD is important, please recover them first using data recovery software if possible. If you cannot read data on your present PC, connect it to another PC.

 Way 1. Update firmware of not working SSD

First, find out which model your SSD is: enter File Explorer, right-click the drive the SSD with a problem, and click "Properties" >"Hardware" tab. Then the name of the SSD maker will be revealed.

Second, once you know who has made the SSD, search the specific SSD firmware update tool online, download and install it on your computer.

Third, run SSD firmware update tool, check the firmware versions of your SSD on the tool. Follow the hints to finish the firmware update process.

▶ Way 2. Update drivers to repair SSD

First, click "Start" button, type "Device Manager" in the "Search" box, hit "Enter" to open it up.

Second, Expand the "Disk Drives" category, right-click on SSD driver and select "Update driver".

Then reboot your computer when the process is finished.

Or you can choose "Uninstall" in the second step, then reboot your computer, and it will automatically reinstall the disk driver.

▶ Way 3. Run CHKDSK to check and repair SSD bad sectors

First, open Command Prompt window: click "Start" button, type "cmd" in the Search bar, right click Command Prompt and select "Run as administrator".

Second, in the elevated Command Prompt window, type "chkdsk g: /f /r /x" and hit Enter. (replace "g" with the drive letter of your corrupted SSD.)

Chkdsk Check Error

This process will help scan the target SSD for disk errors and repair them if there are.

How to repair SSD with powerful SSD repair tool

Besides the methods mentioned above, you can also turn to a third-party SSD repair software like AOMEI Partition Assistant. It offers 4 different options to help you fix damaged/corrupted SSD. Now you can free download the demo version to see how to repair SSD.

AOMEI Partition Assistant

The Best Windows Disk Partition Manager and PC Optimizer

This program can also be loaded from a bootable USB drive. If your computer cannot boot due to the damaged SSD, you can access it via the bootable disk.

▶ 1. Repair SSD bad sectors

If you cannot run CHDDSK commands to check and fix SSD drive errors for some reasons, you can use this software to repair SSD bad sectors.

Step 1. Install and run the SSD repair tool on your PC. Right-click the dead SSD and select "Advanced" > "Check Partition".

Advanced Check Partition

Step 2. Choose a way to check partition error. Here we choose the first one, which could not only check bad sectors, but also fix them.

Check Partition and Fix Error

Step 3. Then wait checking and repairing process to complete successfully. This way is to make partition error check, but you can also check disk error by right-clicking the SSD and selecting "Surface Test".

Surface Test

▶ 2. Reformat the damaged SSD

Migrating the data to another disk, and then doing a full format is another effective to fix corrupted SSD drive, especially when the SSD is write-protected due to file system corruption.

Step 1. Run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click any partition of the SSD and select "Format Partition" from the menu.

Format Partition

Step 2. Choose a desired file system like FAT32 and click "OK".


Step 3. Click "Apply" to commit the pending operation.


▶ 3. Rebuild MBR on SSD drive

When the MBR on the SSD drive gets damaged, you will also lose the accessibility to all data stored within it. Then you can rebuild MBR via AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step 1. In the main interface of the SSD repair utility, right-click the SSD drive and select "Rebuild MBR".

Rebuild Data Disk MBR

Step 2. Choose a suitable MBR type for your current operating system and click "OK".

Choose MBR Type

Step 3. Click "Apply" and "Proceed" to commit the pending operation.


▶ 4. Secure erase SSD

If all aforementioned methods do not repair the damaged SSD drive, you can try to securely erase the damaged SSD to fix it. Most users reported it worked. Luckily, AOMEI Partition Assistant's "SSD Secure Erase" feature could completely erase all data on the target SSD drive.

SSD Secure Erase

So, with this powerful SSD repair tool, you can easily and effectively repair corrupted Solid State Drive on Windows 11/10/8/7.


The above SSD repair software can also be used to repair Kingston, Intel, Samsung, and other SSD drives. Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant also supports SSD partition alignment, which can help improve SSD performance. For Windows Server users, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is a great choice.

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