Should I Upgrade or Buy a New PC?

If you still have no idea whether upgrade or buy new PC, read on, because in the following contents, practical suggestions will be given to help you make a decision.


By Michael / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Should I upgrade or buy new PC?

Help! My desktop is running literally slow, having long response time and serious delay. I’m wondering whether I should upgrade or buy new PC. Which one is cheaper and more reliable? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Upgrade or buy a new PC? It’s your choice

Over time, your computer can become slower and slower for it becomes less responsive. Also, it is more difficult for you to install new software or updates on it. It takes longer to open existing programs and there might be very limited storage space and the warning C drive or D drive full keeps popping up. In these cases, you may be considering upgrading your PC or replacing it with a new one.

In general, upgrading a PC is cheaper than buying a new one for you only need to buy the parts you needed like a CPU and GPU. If you have very limited budget, then, upgrading might be your best choice. However, if you only need a PC for simple tasks like editing documents and surfing on the internet instead of playing some large games, this kind of PC can be cheap and it’s OK to plan on buying it.

If you want to upgrade your PC, you should be either proficient in computer DIY or you can find someone who has such skills including disassembling a PC, replacing hardware, installing operating system, and partitioning disks.

Finally, it comes to upgradability. If you have a desktop, then, it has the max upgradability. You can replace nearly every part of it with a new device. However, if yours is a laptop, then, you’ll find everything is integrated in the motherboard which means if you replace 1 part, the entire motherboard will be changed. This may be no cheaper than buying a new laptop.

Upgrade the PC in the easiest way

There are many methods to upgrade the PC. What we suggest is adding RAM or upgrading HDD to SSD, which should be the easiest way to improve PC's performance.

Don’t look down on these 2 actions. By adding RAM, you can possibly improve frame rates in games under some circumstances.  

Changing system hard drive to an SSD should be an available way for improving PC’s performance, because SSD has better properties than HDD. By replacing the HDD with SSD, boot time can get shortened as well as loading time, meanwhile, your computer can run more smoothly than before.

Here, we’ll introduce how to upgrade PC by changing HDD to SSD without reinstalling.

How to upgrade your system hard drive to SSD without reinstalling?

As mentioned above, one thing you can do to upgrade your PC is to replace the old HDD with a new SSD to improve performance. The replacement process is not complex as you can find many tutorials by Googling. However, what we should be concerned about is how to transfer those data from the HDD to the new SSD. I believe you don’t wish to reinstall the OS and apps again on the upgraded PC. So, here, I recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. With this impressive software, you can easily clone one hard drive to another without data loss. This software also supports cloning from a larger disk to a smaller one and if the source disk contains an operating system, you can still boot the OS from the target disk after the clone.

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Meanwhile, If your old PC becomes slower and less responsive like I said in the beginning, it might be that the C drive has no enough storage space. In this case, you might as well try the inbuilt app mover to move apps including OneDrive, Office, games, and other software from the C drive to another partition. 

Now, check the following steps to clone HDD to SSD.

Step 1. Connect both SSD and HDD to your PC. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional and wait until the info of all disks is displayed.

Step 2. Click Clone from the top toolbar and then select Clone Disk.


Step 3. Here, you’ll see 2 disk clone methods. The first one is “Clone Disk Quickly” which clones only used space to another disk and allowed to adjust the size of partitions; The second one is “Sector-by-Sector Clone” which clones all sectors to another disk, whether used or not. This time, I recommend “Clone Disk Quickly”.


Note: If the destination disk is smaller than the source disk, you’d better delete some unused apps and programs to ensure the used space is no bigger than the space of the destination disk.

Step 4. Select the HDD as the source disk.


Step 5. In the next window, select the SSD as the destination disk and tick the option “Optimize the performance of SSD”. After finished, click on “Next”.


Step 6. In the subsequent window, you’ll see 3 options. They’re “Clone without resizing partitions”, “Fit partitions to entire disk”, and “Edit partitions on this disk”. Here, we choose the third one. Now, you can adjust the size of each partition by dragging the tiny ring as shown in the image below. Hit “Next”.


Step 7. After going back to the main window, click on “Apply” > “Proceed” to start the disk clone.


After completed, you should remove the old HDD and boot into OS from the new SSD.

Tips for buying a new PC

To buy a new PC, many factors should be taken into consideration. Here, I listed the top 3 factors you should consider.

1. Consider what your purchase is for. Some users buy a computer for work and some players buy a computer for high-end games. Thus, these 2 kinds of computers have different specs and should meet different requirements.

2. Decide on your OS. Mac OS X only runs on Macs while with Windows, you have many more choices of hardware manufactures and configurations. This is because Windows supports a vast amount of modern hardware natively.

3. Determine your price range: Different computers have different prices. It also depends on what type of computer you want to purchase. If you only use it for daily work, it may only cost hundreds of dollars. Otherwise, if you want to play recent games on it, then, you may need a much more powerful one and the price can go higher. For example, a laptop of RTX 3060 and Intel Core I7 can cost up to 1399 dollars.


Should I upgrade my PC or buy a new one? This article explained under what circumstance you should make the decision. Also, suggestions on the upgrade and the computer purchase are also provided.

 Hopefully, after going through the entire article, you’re not confused anymore.

Michael · Staff Editor
Michael is a professinal editor of AOMEI editor team.