How to Upgrade PS4 Hard Drive without Losing Data?

Here comes a stepwise tutorial on how to upgrade PS4 hard drive without losing data by cloning the PS4 hard drive. It also works with upgrading PS3 hard drive.


By Lucas / Updated on June 13, 2024

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About PlayStation 4 (PS4)

PlayStation 4 (PS4), launched by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2014, is a home video game console for game users as the successor to the PS3, which is the 8th generation of the PlayStation game machine series. The PlayStation (PS) VR is one of the best virtual reality headsets. In 2016, Sony unveiled a professional edition named PlayStation 4 Pro, which has better hardware settings. You can play large games, watch videos, and listen to music and other entertainment on PS4.

Play Station 4

Why upgrade PS4 hard drive without losing data?

Just like a computer, PS4 has its own hard drive, a 500GB hard drive, where cannot hold other data after installing plenty of large games, demos, and HD videos (by the way, the PS3 and PS4 can only read the FAT32 format hard drive). So many users are searching for a way to swap PS4 or PS3 hard drive to a large hard drive while keeping inside games or other data intact.

For this task, you can clone the whole PS4 or PS3 hard drive, which will move everything including PS4’s operating system, installed program, user settings, videos, music, and other documents from the current hard drive to the new one, and all games can work as they did before. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that games cannot load up successfully.

Steps to upgrade PS4 hard drive without losing data

To clone PS4 or PS3 hard drive for upgrading, you can employ the free partition manager called AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It’s very easy to use and can work in Windows 11/10/9.1/8/7, XP and Vista. Just within a few clicks can finish the PS4 or PS3 hard drive clone task without losing data. Free download it and check out the following steps about how to change PS4 hard drive to a larger one without losing data.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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✮✮✮Before you do, please format the new large hard drive to FAT32 file system.

Step 1. Connect the old smaller PS4 or PS3 hard drive and the larger HDD or SSD with your computer, make sure these two can be recognized by Windows.

Step 2. Run the software, go to "Clone" in the main interface, and select "Clone Disk".


Step 3. Choose the smaller PS4 or PS3 hard drive as the source disk and click "Next".


Step 4. Select the larger HDD or SSD as the destination disk, and then click "Next".


Step 5. Then, you can check the source and destination disk in the next window or change to "Sector to Sector clone", and click the "Confirm" button to continue if there is no problem.


Here, you can also click the "Settings" button to adjust the partition size on the destination disk.


①If your destination disk is an SSD drive, please ensure you have ticked the "4k alignment" option.
②The target disk will be overwritten after the cloning. If you use an old larger hard drive as destination disk, you’d better backup it first.

Step 6. Click "Apply" and "Proceed" to change PS4 or PS3 hard drive to larger hard drive(SSD/HDD) by cloning.


After a few minutes, you will finish the operation of upgrading PS4 hard drive without losing data. Then you will find the larger HDD or SSD is divided into two parts, one is the copied partition as original size; the other is an unallocated space. You can create second partition on that unallocated space, or extend the first partition with the unallocated space.


So, with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant, you can easily upgrade PS4 hard drive without losing data by cloning the PS4 hard drive. Besides, this powerful partition manager allows you to resize partition, move partition, clone partition, etc. For more advanced features, such as convert dynamic disk into basic without losing data, recover lost partition, convert MBR to GPT or GPT to MBR without deleting partitions, you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional edition.

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