How to Solve Windows Recovery Environment Servicing Failed [Data Safe Methods]

Help! Windows Recovery Environment servicing failed error occurs! How to solve this problem safely? Don’t worry, read this tutorial, you can quickly solve your problem.


By Lucas / Updated on March 28, 2024

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What is Windows Recovery Environment?

The Windows Recovery Environment is a feature in Windows operating systems designed to help users troubleshoot and repair their computers when they encounter problems that prevent normal booting. WinRE provides a set of tools and utilities that can be used to diagnose and fix issues related to startup, system files, disk errors, and more.

🌟Once you enter WinRE, you can perform:
• Startup Repair: It finds problems that are stopping Windows from starting correctly and resolves them automatically.
• System Restore: With this feature, users may return the system to an earlier, more stable state if such a point exists.
• Command Prompt: Disk partitioning, file system repair, and the execution of individual commands are all examples of sophisticated troubleshooting activities that may be accessed via the command prompt.
• System Image Recovery: Users can recover the system from a system image backup that has been previously produced.
• Windows Memory Diagnostic: This tool may perform a memory test to help detect memory-related problems.
• UEFI Firmware Settings: Allows users to configure hardware options by accessing the computer's firmware settings.

What’s important is that depending on the exact problems, you can diagnose issues and attempt repairs without logging the system. So, WinRE aims to provide solutions to common problems that can prevent Windows from booting or functioning incorrectly. After troubleshooting and making necessary repairs, you can exit WinRE and restart the computer.

Why has Windows Recovery Environment servicing failed?

Numerous Windows 10 users have reported that the installation of security update KB5034441, which targets the resolution of vulnerability tracking number CVE-2024-20666, which circumvents BitLocker encryption and gains access to encrypted data, may result in the occurrence of the error 0x80070643 = CBS_E_INSUFFICIENT_DISK_SPACE (Windows recovery environment servicing failed).

The failure of Windows Recovery Environment servicing is attributed to the insufficient size of the Windows 10 recovery partition to accommodate the newly created Windows RE image (winre.wim) file, according to the forthcoming report.

Consequently, the resolution is also evident: simply expand the recovery partition and reapply the update.

2 Methods fix Windows Recovery Environment servicing failed.

Now we know how to solve Windows Recovery Environment servicing failed, here we prepare 2 methods for you.

Method 1. Use Diskpart to create a larger recovery partition

By employing the reagentc.exe and Diskpart command lines, it is possible to reduce the size of the C: partition by 250 MB to generate a fresh recovery partition capable of hosting WinRE security updates. It is important to note that users of this solution must possess a high level of proficiency in operating command lines.

Step 1. Launch the Command Prompt, run it as administrator, and type the following cmd(press "Enter" each time to confirm the action):

reagentc /info (check the WinRE status)
reagentc /disable (disable the WinRE before the process)

Step 2. Run diskpart to shrink the OS partition for a new recovery partition and delete the old one. Input the command lines and press "Enter" for each cmd:

list disk
sel disk(which is the same disk index as WinRE)
list part
sel part
shrink desired=250 minimum=250
sel part
delete partition override

Step 3. Create a new recovery partition. Before starting, you need to check if your disk partition is GPT or MBR by running the commands:

list disk (GPT disk will show an asterisk character in the GPT column)

▶ For GPT disk:
create partition primary id=de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac
gpt attributes =0x8000000000000001

▶ For MBR disk:
create partition primary id=27
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows RE tools"

list vol
reagentc /enablem (enable WinRE)
reagentc /info (confirm the WinRE is enabled)

Method 2. Use professional third-party disk &partition manager to extend recovery partition

As you can see, in Method 1, you’ll need to run many CMD orders. Suppose you’re not familiar with Command Prompt tool. In that case, we strongly suggest you use it cautiously because we need to resize the system partition and change the size of your Windows recovery partition. If any incorrect orders are typed in, your computer may suffer system damage, computer crash, and can’t boot normally.

In this case, a powerful user-friendly disk manager is a better option compared with CMD. Here, we recommend you AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, an all-in-one tool for Windows 11/10/8/7. The “Allocate Free Space” function allows users to share some space from one partition to another directly. Many users would like to use it to extend C drive space to get rid of low drive space warnings.

Let’s check how to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to safely and easily solve Windows recovery environment servicing failed.

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. Right-click on a partition that has enough storage space, and select the "Allocate Free Space" feature. 

Allocate free space

Step 2. Preset the amount of free space you wish to allocate and choose the recovery partition as the destination. Hit "OK".

Allocate from D to C drive

Step 3. Hit "Apply > Proceed" to execute the operation.


Tip: If you find there is unallocated space on your disk, but it’s not right behind your recovery partition (it usually isn’t on the location you wish), you can directly choose the “Merge Partition” function to extend the recovery partition.

Final lines

Upon completion of this tutorial, you will be aware of two effective methods for repairing Windows recovery environment servicing failures: extending the recovery partition manually using CMD and utilizing AOMEI Partition Assistant to allocate space. By implementing these reputable solutions, you can effortlessly resolve the 0x80070643 = CBS_E_INSUFFICIENT_DISK_SPACE malfunction.

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