By AOMEI / Last Updated April 24, 2017

When need you to merge two partitions on USB drive?

You may partition your USB drive to two or more partitions at the very beginning, in this way, you are allowed to save different types of data to different partitions. However, after months of usage you may meet the situation that one of partitions is out of space while another is with much unused space, then what to do? At this time, the best solution is to merge two partitions on USB drive. Surely, you cannot use Disk Management to finish the task unless you delete the latter one of the two partitions. Because DM only allows extending a partition which is with an adjacent unallocated space behind. Therefore, we recommend you AOMEI Partition Assistant to merge two partitions on USB drive without data loss.

How to merge two partitions on USB?

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a free and powerful software. Except to use it to merge two partitions on USB drive, you are allowed to restore USB drive back to full capacity when the USB shows wrong size. It is compatible with all Windows editions including Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP of both 32bit and 64bit. Next, follow us to see how to merge 2 partitions on USB drive with it.

1. Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

2. Right click one partition to select “Merge Partition”.

Merge Partition

Tip: AOMEI supports to merge two adjacent partitions together and allows to merge one partition into unallocated space of any location on drive.

3. Choose the partition you want to merge, and click “OK”.


4. Now you can preview the result and don’t forget to click “Apply”.


As you see, AOMEI Partition Assistant allows you to merge two partitions on USB drive within few simple steps. In addition, you have no risk of losing data during the operation since there is no need to delete any partition. Now, you can easily finish the task by your own, right?