By Cherry / Last Updated May 29, 2020

Why do you want to initialize disk?

When you use a disk, you may meet some problems that need to initialize disk to solve. For example, you may meet a problem with an error code: “You must initialize a disk before Logical Disk Manager can access it”. Thus, you have to initialize disk to solve the problem. Or you may want to initialize a disk for reusing. Well, how to initialize a disk? Here provides you three ways to do it.

Method1: initialize a disk with Diskpart

Diskpart is one of Windows basic utilities with command line. You can use it to manage your disk/partition/volume with a special command line, such as create/delete/format/extend/shrink partitions and initialize/convert disk, etc. It is more powerful than Windows Disk Management. To use a new disk or wipe existing disk, the initialize disk of Diskpart can work it out. Windows snap-in tool Diskpart initialize disk can help you use a new disk and wipe a hard disk clean with its command line. To use it, you can do as following shows.

You need to open a command prompt first. Click Start, type “cmd” in the search bar. Press Enter, it will pop out a command prompt. Or, you can press "WIN+R" and type "cmd" to open the prompt. Then, type diskpart in the prompt and press Enter.

So, here you should type "list disk" first, when it list all the disks, type "select disk, which you want to initialize.

Next, type “attributes cleared successfully” so that it can move to the next step smoothly. Then, type “online disk”, then, the Diskpart successfully onlined the selected disk.

Next, you can type “convert mbr” or “convert gpt” to change the selected disk to MBR format or GPT format according to your requirements.

Diskpart Initialize Disks

Once you initialized the disk and convert the disk into MBR format or GPT format, you can create partition on it, which is pragmatic. You can use Diskpart to create partition for you.

More ways to initialize a disk

The Diskpart does have a good way to help you initialize a disk. But there still are many other ways to initial a disk. For example, initialize a hard disk using AOMEI Partition Assistant, which could be simpler. AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional should be the best alternative to Diskpart, and you can download and install it right now. It contains a cmd utility called Partassist.exe, which can replace the Diskpart of Windows, and it also provides you GUI for initializing a disk.

Method 2: initialize a disk with AOMEI Partition Asssitant GUI

AOMEI Partition Assistant also provides the way to initialize disk with its concise interface. With the GUI (graphical user interface), you can use a few mouse clicks to replace initialize disk using Diskpart command.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant(Pro). Select the disk you want to initialize, right click it. Then, select Initialize Disk in the pop-out menu.

Initialize Disk

Step 2. Select to initialize disk to MBR/GPT. ClickOK.

Select Disk Style

Step 3.Click Applyat the tool bar to confirm the operations.

Apply Proceed

The AOMEI Partition Assistant initialize disk with intuitive interface is much simpler than Windows Diskpart initialize disk. Besides, you can use it to do more for partition a hard drive. And it supports most Windows systems, as for the Windows Server system, you can use the Server Edition.

Method 3: initialize disk with AOMEI Partition Assistant command-line

To use partassist.exe command line utility, click "Start" menu, type "cmd" in the search box or press "WIN + R" keys and type "cmd" to open a prompt, then run it as an administrator. After that, Command Prompt will open. In the command window, type "cd + installation directory of AOMEI Partition Assistant" to get started (e.g. cd C:\Program Files \AOMEI Partition Assistant). Here we take an example of how to initialize a disk as GPT.

Type: cd C:\Program Files \AOMEI Partition Assistant, press Enter Key.

Then, type: partassist.exe /list, press Enter to list all disks on your computer.


When it list all disks in the command prompt, type“partassist.exe / init:1 /gpt”, then click Enter. This opreation will convert the Disk 1 into GPT disk style.

Initialize Disk to GPT

Wait till the progress reaches 100%. It will tell you "The operation completed successfully".

Initialize Disk Successfully

To initialize disk into MBR format with AOMEI partassist.exe, you can follow the parameters below:

partassist.exe /init:1


“/init:1” means it initializes a disk as MBR.

No matter you use the Windows Diskpart or AOMEI partassist.exe, you can initialize the disk to MBR format or GPT format as you want successfully. If you cannot use the CMD in a right way, you can also use the interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Partassit.exe utility can do much more for users than Diskpart. Besides initializing disk, you can resize/move partition without data loss, or rebuild MBR, etc.