How to Move Partition with Partition Assistant?

June 27, 2019

How to move partition? Moving partition as a light feature in Partition Assistant, breaks the limitation of the Windows built-in Disk Management.

How to Move Partition?
What is moving partition?
Moving partition is a part of resizing partition and it is also a missing function in Windows built-in Disk Management. Without the function, you cannot do a lot of operations. Besides resizing partition, you still cannot merge or extend an existing partition with an unallocated space if the unallocated space is not adjacent to or before the existing partition. Or, simply, you just cannot change the location of your partitions. With the help of this function you can reset the location of a given partition.
For example, you have a C partition, D partition and an unallocated space on your Disk 1, and you want to enlarge partition C with the unallocated space. In this case, you should first move D partition backward so as to make the unallocated space directly after C partition. After that, you can smoothly extend C partition by adding that unallocated space in.
Before you do
To secure the smooth process of moving partition, and avert unnecessary mistakes, user should pay attention to following tips:
If there are other applications running on the partition which you are going to perform, AOMEI Partition Assistant will notice you to close those applications or to execute this operation in PreOS Mode.
It would be advisable to make reliable backup for your valuable data to the external media such as networks, CD/DVD or external hard disk drive, the free backup software - AOMEI Backupper may help you out. It is always better to be cautions than sorry.
To move partition
Step 1. Choose the partition you want to move (take D partition as an example, and you can see a 390GB’s unallocated space located after D partition), right click it and then click “Move Partition”.

Move Partition

Step 2. Put the mouse on the selected partition and drag it rightward when the mouse become a cross crux. Then hit OK to continue after you drag partition D to the very right end.

Move To New Location

Step 3. As you can see from the following screenshot, the partition D has been moved to the right side of the unallocated space. And meanwhile, the 390GB’s unallocated space has been moved directly after C partition. To save the changes, just click Apply on the toolbar.


Move Partition will change the original location of a given partition with its size intact. Apart from the Move Partition function, AOMEI Partition Assistant still provides a Resize Partition feature to change the size as well as the location of a specified partition.
There must be an unallocated space adjacent to the partition which you are going to move; otherwise it would never be moved. Using Resize Partition to release some unallocated space if there is no unallocated space on your hard disk.
Moving system partition will lead to reboot computer (computer reboot).
Besides right clicking to choose “Move Partition”, you can also do it by directly select “Move Partition” under Partition Operations column on the left after setting one partition (which you are going to move) active by clicking it.
After moving partition successfully, you can extend the partition you plan to by resizing it. The operations of resizing a partition are very similar to those of moving partition; even the screenshots are nearly the same, No wonder that the two options are combined together when they are under Partition Operations column. However, there are still a few parts which are different between the two functions. First of all, there is an “Advanced >>” button on “Move Partition” pop-up window in step2 above if it is in resizing partition case. You can tick “Allow partition alignment to optimize the performance of SSD” after clicking “Advanced”. Second, it seems that you can only resize the target partition by drag the graphic bar rightwards/leftwards when mouse pointer being put on the circle on the left/right end of the bar and mouse pointer becomes double-headed arrow. You cannot do refined resizing by setting size under the graphic bar.
Generally speaking, you can move partition by choosing either “Move Partition” or “Resize Partition” in right menu, but you can resize partition only by selecting “Resize Partition” in right menu. If you enter the operations from Partition Operations column, there is no difference, because the two options are combined together and there is only a choice named “Resize/Move Partition”.