By Teresa / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Virtual Disk Service error: The object is not found

“I initialized it to MBR when it was first recognized by Windows. I’d like to create a primary partition on my 250 GB hard drive. In Diskpart, I typed these commands to create partition: list disk > select disk 1 > create partition primary size=228937. And then I get the error message says Virtual Disk Service error: The object is not found in Diskpart as following picture showing. Why can’t I create a partition on that disk? What’s the simplest method to solve this issue?”

Create Partition Primary The Object Is Not Found

Did you come across the similar problem? Sometimes Diskpart would fail us owing to different kinds of reasons. For instance, you’ll find Diskpart failed to clear disk attributes when it comes to readonly issue. Then, what should you do in such situations? Actually, achieving the goal with the help of other tools as soon as possible is definitely a wise choice.

Create Partition Primary: The object is not found – Quick Fix

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is free hard drive partition software that is a tiny utility due no bundled software inside. It is free yet very powerful and has been trusted by millions of users all over the world. With this easy-to-use partition manager, you can easily solve the “Diskpart the object is not found” trouble, and create both primary partition and logical drive effortlessly on that disk. Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP and Vista are supported. Free download and have a try.

1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant on your PC. If the “The object is not found” error occurs on external hard drive, connect it to your PC and make sure it can be detected.

2. At the main interface, right click the space you want to create partition with and select Create Partition.

3. In this popping up page, specify the size, the location, drive letter and file system of the new partition. Click on Advanced in the lower-left corner, you are able to set partition label, partition type (primary or logical), unallocated space before/after and SSD partition alignment as displayed.

Edit New Partition Ok

4. Now, preview the result. Click Apply to commit the operations. The process will be completed in a short while.

Apply Create Partition 16gb

To solve “create partition primary Virtual Disk Service error The object is not found” problem, the advanced version of this software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, also provides command line partitioning. For the user who is familiar with CUI, that is a tool you don’t want to miss.

Other Possible Solutions for “The object is not found” error in Diskpart

The causes for the error are various. Apart from the Diskpart flaw, you are likely to get the similar prompting message under following situations.

In the first place, you try to modifying an OEM Recovery Partition. The OEM Recovery Partition was created by the PC’s manufacturer and usually cannot be altered by general users. So you cannot even unhide it by assigning a drive letter. An acceptable solution is to contact your OEM support to seek professional assistance.

In addition, you would get the “The object is not found” error in Diskpart when the disk is failing and cannot hold a partition any more. You can run CHKDSK /f on that disk to check hard drive for errors. If disk failing is the case, it is suggested to create a backup for the disk first and then perform data migration with a healthy hard drive.

Solve “The object is not found” from another aspect

Aforementioned software, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, is powerful disk cloning software as well. It provides two different copy methods, sector-by-sector clone and intelligent clone, that help you clone from large drive to smaller without any obstacle. Let’s take a closer look.

1. Connect a healthy hard drive to your machine and be sure it is recognized. Install and start AOMEI Partition Assistant.

2. At the main console, right click the failing disk and select Clone Disk.

3. Choose clone method from given options according to your own situation. This post will take the first method for example.

Copy Disk Quickly

4. Select the healthy hard drive as the destination disk. If it is an SSD, tick the option Optimize the performance of SSD.

Select Destination Disk

5. In this page, adjusting partition size is available. Please note that if you’ve chose sector-by-sector clone method in step 3, this step will be skipped. Also, if you clone from large disk to smaller, the clone option “Clone without resizing partitions” will grayed out.

Edit Disk

6. View the virtual result. The Disk 2 contains all partitions on Disk 1 now. Click Apply to execute the pending operations. Switch the hard drive when the cloning completes.


Tips: If you’re cloning a system disk, sometimes, to boot from the target disk successfully, you may need to disconnect the source disk from computer or exchange the connection socket of the destination disk and the source disk. Usually, leave only the target disk installed and then boot up the PC is the solution.


When you get the message “Virtual Disk Service error: The object is not found” in Diskpart while creating primary partition, you can create a partition on that disk with another tool. If the disk is failing and cannot hold a partition, you can replace it with a healthy one by cloning everything from one disk to another.

The AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you create logical partition in Windows 10 with ease as well. When it comes to disk cloning, the software supports copy game disk to upgrade hard drive, too.