Does Converting from MBR to GPT Erase Data?

Does converting from MBR to GPT erase data? Not all tools will delete data during the conversion. This post will show 2 ways to convert to GPT without losing data.


By Lucas / Updated on May 12, 2023

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The conversion of disk partition style is common disk management for users. Some systems only work on MBR disk, while some, GPT disk. Especially, since Windows 11 has been released, users who’re using Windows 10 with an MBR as a system disk will need to convert the disk to a GPT before they start the upgrade. And if you’re using Windows 7 or 8, you’ll need to upgrade to Windows 10, and then convert the MBR disk to GPT for the upgrade to Windows 11.

Will I lose data if I convert MBR to GPT?

Because there are some distinctions between MBR and GPT, the conversion might lead to data loss if users don’t choose a proper program.

If you have an empty disk or another disk without important data, then it’s fine to erase the data on the target disk. In this situation, you can choose Command Prompt to convert your disk. However, if you only have one disk or the target disk has data you don’t want to erase, you’ll need to pay more attention to the tool you chose.

So, the answer to “Will converting to GPT delete data?” is “Yes, it’s possible.”.

2 methods of converting to GPT without data loss

A correct tool can help a lot to protect your data. Therefore, we’ll show 2 tools to convert a disk to GPT without data loss: one is from Microsoft, and the other is a third-party tool.

Tool 1. MBR2GPT from Microsoft

Considering the demand for the converting disk, Microsoft offers a tool called “MBR2GPT” to help users convert their disk. Users are allowed to convert only system disk with no more than 3 partitions in Windows PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) and full OS. What’s more, the OS installed on that system disk must be Windows 10 version 1703 or later.

If your devices meet the conditions of MBR2GPT, let’s see how to use it to convert your system disk. Although it won’t damage your data, normally, however, to prevent incorrect operations that might cause data loss, we suggest you make a backup before you start.

If you are in Windows PE, please type mbr2gpt /convert /disk:n (n is the number of the system disk).

If you’re in full OS, please type mbr2gpt /convert /disk:n /allowfullOS


Then, you’ll need to change Legacy BIOS mode to UEFI mode.

★ Tips-- Common MBR2GPT errors: 
1Disk layout validation failed for disk x
2Cannot Find OS Partition
3MBR2GPT is not recognized

Tool 2. “Convert to GPT/MBR” from AOMEI Partition Assistant

To avoid the errors you might meet when you use MBR2GPT, you can try AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to run a quick conversion within 3 steps. All files you stored on the disk are safe. Unlike MBR2GPT only available in Windows 10 V1703 and later, this tool supports all Windows systems.


AOMEI Partition Assistant

Only system disk

System disk, data disk, external disk

Windows 10 V1703 and later

Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista

Note: If you’re using Windows Server, please go to Server edition.

And “Convert to GPT Disk” is just one of the practical features. You can also convert dynamic disk to basic disk without losing data, and convert FAT32 to NTFS. In addition, functions like “Migrate OS”, “App Mover”, and “Clone disk/partition” are also available. Various features can help you manage your devices efficiently.

Free Download Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right-click the system disk and choose “Convert to GPT” or click the disk and choose "Convert to GPT" from the right column.

Convert to GPT

Step 2. In the next window, click “OK” to confirm your operation.

Convert system disk to GPT without losing data

Step 3. Back to the main interface, click on “Apply” to commit the operation.


Step 4. When the conversion’s over, please reboot your computer to change the boot mode.

Choose boot mode

Ending words

Does converting from MBR to GPT erase data? It might, but once you select the correct tool, the conversion will be secure and simple for everyone. MBR2GPT is a Windows built-in tool, the commands you need to input are not very difficult, just make sure you select the right disk and type the correct commands. We also list 3 common errors you might meet during the conversion, hope you can find solutions if you meet those errors.

You can also directly choose AOMEI Partition Assistant to avoid errors, incorrect disk selection, and orders. The operations are quite user-friendly, and you can undo or discard the conversion if you want to pause the conversion.

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