[Fixed] How to Reset Password With Windows Password Reset USB

How to reset the forgotten password with Windows password reset USB? From this tutorial, you can know how to create it and recover the password with it. If you didn’t create this USB before losing the password, we’ll also provide another method to reset the password.


By Tina / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Help! I forgot the Windows password


I didn't use my PC for about 3 months. Today, when I opened it, I found that I had forgotten the Windows password. I tried to answer the security question, but I failed. So I turned to the Internet, some people said the password reset disk can be helpful for me. But I don't know how to create it, could you share the method with me? Thanks in advance.


PC Unlock

Although the password can protect your PC privacy, when you forget it, it’s quite tiresome to recover or reset it. When talking about password resetting, many users are suggested to create and use the password reset disk in the forums.

Password reset disk is a function to reset the forgotten password on Windows, it can be created with a CD, USB or other removable storage devices. If you lost the Windows password, the prepared password reset USB can help you reset the password. Besides, once you create it, you don’t need to create it again, for it can be used lifelong.

However, there’re some limitations to resetting password with Windows 10 password reset USB:

• This function only works for the local account, so it cannot reset the Microsoft account password.
• If you didn't create the password reset disk before forgetting the password, you cannot use it to reset the password.

Therefore, if you want to prevent the fuss of losing your password, you can learn how to create Windows 10 reset password USB before forgetting it on the next part. If you already forgot the password, and you’re still stuck in opening the PC, you can directly turn to the alternative method.

How to create and use Windows password reset USB

To successfully create a Windows password reset USB, you need to prepare a USB larger than 2 GB. If there's some significant data on the USB, please back up the data, even if it won't be formatted. Here are the steps of how to make a password reset USB on Windows 10.

Step 1. Insert the target USB into the PC, check whether it is detected by your PC. 

Step 2. Click "Start" to open the search bar, type "create password reset disk" and press "Enter" to open this function.

Step 3. When the "Forgot Password wizard" window appears, click "Next" to continue the operation.

Forgot Password Wizard

Step 4. In the new window, choose the prepared USB and click "Next".

Choose USB

Step 5. Then enter the current password and select "Next". 

Current Password

Step 6. When the password reset USB is created, click "Next".

Disk Created

Then if you forget the current password, the password reset USB can come in handy.

Step 1. Insert the password reset USB, then click "Reset password".

Password Reset

Step 2. The Password Reset Wizard will pop out, click "Next".

Password Reset Wizard

Step 3. In the new window, you will be asked to choose the password reset disk, then click "Next".

Choose Drive

Step 4. Input the new password and the new password hint, then click "Next".

Click Next

Step 5. When you see the following interface, click "Finish".

Click Finish

How to reset password with a bootable USB

When you lose the password and didn't create the Windows password reset USB, you can try the set the password with the bootable USB. The powerful password manager AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can help you do it.

Being compatible with Windows 11/10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista, this tool can alternate the password reset USB, with some simple click, you can create the bootable USB. Then by operating under the user-friendly guide, you can remove or reset the forgotten password.

Besides, if you want to manage the hard drive, this functional PC expert can provide you with various functions, such as Disk Clone Wizard, Allocate Free Space, App mover, Delete Large Files, and so on.

Free Download Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Insert the target USB into the PC, download and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, click "Tools" and "Reset Windows Password".

Reset Password

Step 2. A small window will be popped, click "Next".

Create Reset Disk

Step 3. You need to choose "General USB Flash Disk" and click "Proceed". Since the target USB will be formatted, all data will be deleted, so please backup the important data before this operation.

Select USB Device

Step 4. Read the popped information carefully, then click "Yes".


Step 5. Wait patient, when the password reset USB is created, click "Finish".


Step 6. Take out the USB and insert it into the locked PC, then restart it. You'll be asked to change the boot drive, then boot the PC from the USB, select the Windows system and click "Next".

Windows System

Step 7. All accounts on the PC will be shown in the interface, click the target account, tick "Remove Account Password" or "Reset Account Password", then click "Next".

Reset Password

Step 8. If you select "Reset Account Password", you can set the new password and then click "Yes". If you select "Remove Account Password", please follow the wizard to remove it.

Set New Password

Final word

From this tutorial, you can learn how to create Windows password reset USB. When you fail to reset the password with this method, an effective alternative can solve the issue. By the way, if you want to reset your lost Windows Server password, please don’t miss the Server Version.

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