By Lucas / Last Updated March 9, 2022

A brief introduction of “Low Disk Space” alert.

Low Disk Space” warning is created by Microsoft Windows to alert PC users if they are almost running out of space of their hard drive. Usually, people combine boot partition and system partition into one. With large installations and Windows upgrades stored in, as a result, the boot/ system partition will run out of space easily on Windows Server 2003.

Partition Assistant Server Edition- help solve the problem of low disk space in boot/ system partition

It’s just a piece of cake to extend boot/ system partition for Partition Assistant Server Edition. Step-by-stepprocedures on how to extend boot/ system partition in windows Server 2003

Guides on extending boot/system partition in Windows Server 2003

  • 1.Free download demo version in advance is available

  • 2.In the step 1, drag the left slider bar rightwards to free some unallocated space right behind C drive. So add it to C drive directly. However, if drag the right slider bar leftwards, the unallocated space is behind the D drive. Then, it’s needed to exchange the position between the unallocated space and the D drive.

  • 3. Step 4 is the key of this operation. It’s necessary to preview the changes in the "Pending Operations” box for checking correctness.

  • 4.On the toolbar, "Discard, "Undo" and "Redo" are provided to correct wrong operations.

Advantages of AOMEI Partition Assistant Server Edition

As shown above, it’s so easy to extend boot/ system partition with five steps. There is no doubt that, Partition Assistant Server Edition is a huge success. It is endowed with basic and advanced functions to serve PC users. Some special highlights are listed below:

  • The data can be safely protected during the whole operating process

  • The user-friendly interface displays all information without misunderstanding.

  • Simple working principles simplify the difficult operations.

  • Three built-in wizards designed for special and straight tasks.

  • It is regarded as the server partition manager for Windows Server 2008 users to extend system partition.

Partition Assistant Server Edition- Disk Management alternative

Tips: For enterprise users, chose Unlimited Edition is a wise way. It allows you to save much money. That’s to say, you can install it on multiple computers within your company. Thus, it helps maximize the working efficiency with the lowest cost of your company.