By AOMEI / Last Updated February 26, 2020

Today with the rapid development of information technology, using computer to handle office work becomes very normal. Therefore, some enterprises choose to install SBS to do daily office. Windows SBS (Small Business Server) 2011 is the latest Microsoft integrated server suite which is designed for small and medium enterprises and optimize operation performance to improve work efficiency. Besides, Windows SBS 2011 has added many new features, such as email, information security protection, file sharing, remote access and so on. So due to the merits of SBS 2011, it is popular among businesses.

However, during handling office work, there will be more and more data to take up disk space. Once your disk space is less than a certain size, computer will show you the warning message to tell low disk space problem appears and you should take steps to release space. But if all the data in your computer is important, you cannot delete, how will you do? Low disk space will cause computer runs slowly and affect workpiece ratio, especially when C drive has insufficient space. For most Windows SBS 2011 users, changing the situation is not an easy thing. Consequently, it’s wise to seek a third software help.

As a disk and partition management, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is a good software for manage disk to solve low disk space problem. By resizing, moving, shrinking or extending partition, you can easily increase C drive space SBS 2011 Server. Here are some steps to help you increase C space on SBS 2011.

Step 1: Under main interface, you will see the partition size. Select a partition and right click to choose “Allocate Free Space”.

main interface

Step 2: Then you can allocate some space from the partition to the partition which you want to increase, here choose allocating to C drive.

free space

Step 3: Then you will see your partitions have been resized, and then click “Apply”.


Step 4: Then you will see the pending operations. Click “Proceed” to continue.

pending operations

Like this, you finish to increase C drive.

In conclusion, it is simple to increase C Drive Space SBS 2011 Server with AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. After resizing partitions, your computer will run smoothly.


  • During resizing partition, there must be some unallocated space. Then you can extend or increase partition from the unallocated space.

  • In Windows SBS 2011/2003/2008 all PCs and Servers, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server are available.

  • There are many methods to increase C drive space, such as use the AOMEI Partition Assistant’s “Extend Partition Wizard”, or by resizing another partition to allocate some space and then merge C drive with it, or directly allocate space to C drive. No matter which method, it is easy for users to operate it and solve many problems.