By AOMEI / Last Updated May 7, 2020

Low Space with System Drive in Windows SBS 2011

Windows SBS (Small Business Server) 2011 is the latest Microsoft’s Windows Server edition which has many new features and update information including file printer function, documents sharing, recovering file with automatic backup, calendar function etc. Owing to the powerful functions of Windows SBS 2011, many businesses choose to use SBS to do their office work. In work, the data is increasing day by day, and during work, users need to install many applications in system partition to take up space. Besides, when building server, many users may not know to have added some applications to system partition. After a period of time, you will find system partition has low disk space problem after some applications are installed or updated. To solve the problem, many users know it is necessary for extending system partition, but still feel a little bemused for the work. Here is an example of low disk space.

Situation: I meet a problem of low disk space now. My C drive’s total size is about 48GB, and in C drive, I store many files, folders and some applications which contains 26.7 GB, but the Windows always remind me low disk space in the lower right corner of the computer which contains only 1.80GB free space. This makes me very annoyed. To my surprise, where is the 20GB data gone? Then I delete all my unnecessary files, but it still exists. How will I do to solve the trouble?

It doesn’t matter. Look at the below solution, and you will be very satisfied and never worry about the insufficient disk space.

The Solution to Extend System Drive for Windows SBS 2011

In Windows SBS 2011, there is a built-in Shrink and Extend feature to do disk management. However, it cannot help you to extend the system partition if there isn’t unallocated space behind it. Here, the third server disk partition software - AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to recommend to you. The software is a good assistant for disk and partition management to solve insufficient disk space by extending system drive without reinstalling system and loss data. How to extend system partition? There are some steps:

Step 1: Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, then open the software, choose "All Tools" >“Extend Partition Wizard”.

Extend Partition Wizard

Step 2: Then you will see the following screenshot, select “Extend System Partition” and continue.

Extend System Partition

Step 3: Next you will see a welcome interface, you can extend the partition without losing data and restarting computer. Here you can set automatic mode for extending a partition, then click “Next”.


Step 4: To extend the partition capacity, you should allocate some space from the rest partitions to system partition. Select a partition to shrink and continue.

Select D Partition

Step 5: Then moving the slider or fill the size in Size Box to increase system size.

Extend C Drive

Step 6: Then you will see the operations which will be executed. Then click “Proceed”.


Step 7: After waiting for a while, system partition is extended.

In a word, it is easy to finish Windows SBS 2011 extend system drive to increase space. With AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, users don’t worry data loss and the trouble of reinstalling system. With the software, in Windows SBS 2003/2008/2011, all PCs and Servers, you can safely manage your disk and partition.


  • In addition to AOMEI Partition Server, AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited and Technician Edition also support to extend system drive/resize/split/shrink/partition to help users solve many troubles.

  • During extending system partition, you need to allocate some space from other partition to increase system derive size. Or you can resize other partition to get some unallocated space and merge system partition with the unallocated space to achieve your aim.