By Emily / Last Updated September 26, 2021

Why do you need a partition copy utility?

"I’d like to back up operating system, transfer/upgrade hard drive, move partitions, or replace an inaccessible disk with a new one. It is extremely important for me to manage the disk and keep data safe. However, the Microsoft Operating System cannot meet all of my requirements. Recently, I always think that if there is a reliable, easy-to-use and efficient utility in my computer, partition duplication will be a piece of cake for me. Thus, I want to find a partition manager to be my assistant. Is there any magic software for me?"

We face too many issues every day and copy partition layout in Windows is just one of them. AOMEI Technology has announced an outstanding product named AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It can satisfy all mentioned needs including copy recovery partition and hidden partitions without losing data. At the same time, it provides two types of duplication which will be introduced below.

Two methods of partition copy on freeware

It also has been called file-by-file copy. Only the used space can be copied and it is recommended by AOMEI Company because of its fast speed. During the duplicated process, you can resize and move the drive at the same time.

  • "Copy Partition Quickly"

  • "Sector-by-Sector Copy"

All sections in the drive can be cloned, whether it is used or not. Compared with the first one, it is available to clone deleted or lost files and inaccessible data to target drive. In addition, it supports only the function of moving drive, meaning you cannot resize or edit any partition during that process.


  • The target drive must have an unallocated space. Please make sure there is free space.

  • The unallocated space must be equal or larger than the used space on source drive according to method 1. Based on method 2, the free space must be equal or larger than original drive.

  • No matter how large your free space is, it is unavailable to build a target drive if the number of primary partitions is more than four, including four. But if there are three, the destination drive you create only can be logical partition.

Partition copy to another drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant

The following example will copy drive C with method 1.

Step 1: Please download (Windows 11/10/8/7/XP/Vista supported) this freeware and start it. Later, you will get the main interface. Right click the partition you'd like to clone and select "Copy Partition".

Copy Partition

Step 2: Select "Copy Partition Quickly" and click "Next". Then, choose unallocated space on disk 2 and click "Next".

Select Copy Method

Step 3: Adjust the size or fill in the detail size of the new drive. If you like, you can change the location at the same time. After that, please click "Finish".

Resize Partition

Step 4: Check the changes at home window. If you are sure, click "Apply" and "Proceed" to commit.

Apply Partition Copy

Tip: Another two ways to access copy partition function, first, right click drive C→ select "Copy Partition". Second, click "Partition Copy" under the Partition Operations column on the left.

Apart from this function, you can experience other basic and advanced features, like merge/wipe/delete partition, etc. For instance, convert MBR to GPT for Windows 11. Do you think it is extremely powerful? Besides, it comes with the Server edition, specially designed for Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008/2003.