By Cherry / Last Updated May 24, 2016

The introduction of WinToFlash

WinToFlash, created by Novicorp, is a software for helping you to transfer your Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 from installation disk to flash by some mouse clicks. WinToFlash can help people do a lot of things. You can make bootable media on flash card, USB stick, HDD, etc to launch computers. It can also pull over the contents from your Windows installation CD or DVD, your LiveCD or DOS to your flash drive. once your computer got in trouble and it could not start normally, you can use the bootable flash drive to start your computer and restore system. Another users are planning to use the bootable flash drive to bring their own operating system everywhere so that they can use their own OS on any computer. And because of so, many users would like to use WinToFlash to create a bootable flash drive.

WinToFlash Alternative

Although WinToFlash tool is convenient to install operating system for netbook or laptop, you may meet some problems that cause you failed. For example, a user said that he met the probelm that WinToFlash doesn’t recognize his Lenovo recovery disks. That because WinToFlash doesn’t support working with Lenovo recovery DVDs.

Fortunately, you can find an alternative to WinToFlash software--AOMEI Partition Assistant, which can help you make bootable media in a few mouse clicks without brands limitation. You can use it free to transfer all the contents from your Windows to the flash drive in all Windows operating systems including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10(Windows Server needs to upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server).

Transfer Windows to flash drive by AOMEI Partition Assistant

To transfer Windows to flash media, the feature Create Bootable Media of AOMEI Partition Assistant will be great helpful. Before you do, you need prepare for the operation.

● A flash drive. It should be enough to store the data for your Windows.

DownloadAOMEI Partition Assistant in free.

Step1. Install and launch the WinToFlash alternative, you can see its easy-to-use interface. To create a bootable media for your Windows, click the Create Bootable Media at the left pane lick the following screen shot shows:

Main Interface

Step2.This Wizard will help you make a bootable USB drive, Disc, or a bootable ISO file. If you want to put your Windows 8 or Windows 10 to a USB drive, you cal also use Windows to Go Creator to create a bootable USB with a Windows ISO file directly. Click Next.

Make Bootable Media Wizard

Step3.Here you need select a way to make the desired bootable media. Here we select USB Boot Device because we are planning to transfer Windows to the USB flash drive. Click Proceed to launch the program.

Select A Way

It will pop out a window to remind you that once you create a WinPE bootable media, the flash drive will be formatted and the data will lose. Thus, if there is any important data on the drive, backup it before. If not, click Yes to move on.


Step4. After the program reaching 100%, click Finish to end up.

Click Finish

AOMEI Partition Assistant is the best WinToFlash alternative, because besides making bootable media for your Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, you can also use it to create windows to go workspace, migrate OS to SSD, recover partition, convert NTFS to FAT32 and vise versa, etc. It is also a great partition manager that can help you manage your disks in the best status.