[Win to Go] How to Copy Installed Windows 11 to USB?

How to copy installed Windows 11 to so that you can carry the OS wherever you go? Since Microsoft hasn’t released any information on Windows 11 to Go, this time, a third-party Windows 11 to Go creator will be introduced.


By Michael / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Where is Windows to Go on Windows 11?

“I downloaded and installed Windows 11 on Oct, 5th to replace Windows 10. The new features are amazing and powerful. When thinking of the PC running on old OS where I worked, it occurred to me that what if I copied installed Windows 11 to a USB flash drive and insert the USB drive into the PC in my company as I did with Windows 10 to Go? So, I tried to find WTG on my Windows 11 computer in the same way that I looked for WTG on Windows 10. However, it turned to be really disappointing – there weren't any options of Windows to Go on Windows 11. Later, I tried to find some info on the internet but the result also let me down. So, how to copy installed Windows 11 to USB? Is there any way I haven’t heard of?”

windows 11

Why copy installed Windows 11 to USB?

Windows 11 released on Oct, 5th, is finally here, as a powerful predecessor to Windows 10. Windows 11 comes with a truckload of new features and updates to Microsoft Teams, the Start menu and the overall look of the software.

Because Windows 11 brings so much convenience, many PC users decide to install Windows 11 on their machines to take place of old Windows 10 or even Windows 7 to enjoy the new powerful OS environment. If you don’t want to launch a complex fresh Windows 11 installation, you can just copy Windows 11 to a USB flash drive and when you need Windows 11 on your computer, you can directly insert the USB into the machine and operate under Windows 11 environment.

How to copy installed Windows 11 to USB step by step?

When it comes to operating under Windows 11 environment provided by a USB stick, you’re most likely to think of Windows to Go which is very successful on Windows 10. However, as of today, we haven’t heard any news about Windows 11 to Go. So, what now? Luckily, this time, a functional and versatile Disk Manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional – will be introduced, with whose built-in Windows to Go Creator, you can make a bootable Windows 11 USB drive. Besides using Windows to Go Creator, you can also make bootable media when your PC can’t boot or create portable version if you want to carry the software around.

How to copy Windows 11 to USB? Download the best Windows 11 to Go Creator to work under Windows 11 environment wherever you go.

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Before you do: Prepare a USB flash drive that’s big enough to hold the Windows 11 file. It'd be better if it’s USB 3.0 which lets you enjoy faster speed.

Step 1. Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional and after the program is launched, select “Tools” where the screenshot displays and hit "Windows to Go Creator". 

win to go creator

Step 2. Tick “Create Windows ToGo for personal computer” and hit “Next”.


PS: If you want to run Windows 11 from USB on Mac, tick “Create Windows ToGo for Mac Computer”.

Step 3. Select a way to create Windows ToGo. Since you are operating on a Windows 11 PC, you’re supposed to tick “Create Windows ToGo with current system.


Step 4. Select a USB drive where you want to store the Windows 11 file and click on “Proceed”.

choose usb

Step 5. You’ll be prompted that all data on the USB will be erased. Before click on “Yes” to proceed, you’d better make a backup of the USB first.


How to copy installed Windows 11 to USB? With AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional and its notable Windows 11 to Go creator, you can get it done with much ease. Then, you can carry the Windows 11 USB wherever you go, insert it in the target PC, and work under Windows 11 environment. As for AOMEI Partition Assistant, there’re also many other useful features including OS to SSD migration and disk defrag. And if you want to use the software on Servers, please try the Server edition.

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