How to Fix the Errors While Create New Partition in Windows 10, 8, 7?

If you get some errors while creating new partition in Windows 10, you can read this post to learn how to fix errors.


By Cherry / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Errors while create new partition

When you use Windows built-in Disk Manager to create new partition, you may meet some errors like the following lists. And you need to know why it happens and how to solve it.

Error 1. We couldn’t create a new partition. [Error: 0xaab4a9f0]

With the release of Windows 10, more and more users would like to upgrade their old Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10. However, installation process of Windows 10 isn’t always simple. Number of users reported error while create new partition: “We couldn’t create a new partition. [Error:0xaab4a9f0].”

For this error, you’ve got several solutions in different situations.

Solution 1. For installing Windows 10 from a USB drive

If you are installing Windows 10 from a USB drive, you may meet this problem. You can check whether you are using USB 3.0 flash drive. If you are, change it to USB 2.0 flash drive. Or you can create Windows 10 bootable CD/DVD and use it instead of the USB flash drive.

If there is more than one USB drive connected to your computer, this error would happen. In order to avoid this problem, you’d better disconnect any additional USB drives before installing.

Reconnect your USB drive may work out. When you get the error message, you can unplug your USB drive and connect it to a different port, and check if you’re able to create new partition.

Solution 2. For installing Windows 10 from an installation disk

First, you need to make sure that you don’t have any SD cards connected to your computer. Then, backup hard drive because this operation will delete all files from your hard drive.

>Start Windows 10 setup using bootable USB or DVD.

>If you get “we couldn’t create a new partition” error message, close the setup and click the Repair button. Choose Advanced tools, select Command Prompt.

>Type diskpart in the command prompt, hit Enter.

>Type list disk. It will list all hard drives connected to your PC.

>Type select disk n (n refers the number of the target disk).

Then, enter the command lines and hit Enter after each line:

  • Disk n clean

  • Disk n create partition primary

  • Disk n active

  • Disk n format fs=ntfs quick

  • Disk n assign

Error 2. Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space. [Error: 0x8004240f].

When Windows users install Windows 7, they may meet the problem that while making partition, the error 0x8004240f occurs with a message:

Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space. [Error:0x8004240f]

You should have to know that you can only have 4 primary partitions on the MBR disk. After that, you can refer the following steps to fix the problem.

Step 1.Insert the Windows 7 installation disc and restart the computer. At the first black screen hit the Space bar for the “Press any key to boot” prompt. Then, at the Language” screen, hold the Shift key and hit the F10 hot-key to open a command window.

Step 2. In the command prompt, type diskpart and hit Enter key to open the diskpart.exe.

Step 3. In the diskpart command prompt, type list disk. It will list all disks on your computer.

Step 4.Type select disk n (n refers the target disk number), hit Enter key. And you will get “Disk n is now the selected disk”.

Step 5. Type clean all, hit Enter. When it finishes, you will get “DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk”.

You can type exit to leave diskpart window at any time.

After that, you can create a new partition with diskpart in the same command window.

Error 3. Failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space. [Error 0x80042468].

You may meet the error while create new partition on a hard drive over 2TB. When you plug-in your over 2TB hard drive to your computer, you may find it only had a 2TB partition and the rest space is marked as unallocated space in Windows Disk Management. When you try to create a new partition on the unallocated space, you will get the error 0x80042468, and you may be suggested to partition the drive to use GUID Partition Table (GPT).

That is because of the limits of MBR(Master Boot Record) disk. MBR disk is different with the GPT disk. It only supports disk volume up to 2TB. The space beyond 2TB will display with unallocated space. That is why you failed to create a new partition on the selected unused space with the error 0x80042468. For this situation, you need to convert the MBR disk to GPT disk first, and then, you can create new partition without limitations.

*Make sure your motherboard supports EFI/UEFI mode.

Error 4. The Operation you selected will convert the selected basic disk to dynamic disk...

Well, it is another error while create new partition. It may remind you that “the operation you selected will convert the selected basic to dynamic...etc.”.

For this situation, you’d better check how many primary partitions on your hard drive and whether your hard drive is MBR disk type. If there are more than 3 primary partitions on the hard drive, and the hard drive is MBR disk, you may meet this error while create new partition. Cause MBR disk supports up to 4 primary partitions. If you need to create more partitions, you can only change primary partition to logical partition to get more extended partitions. Or you can convert the MBR disk to GPT disk, which requires your motherboard supports EFI/UEFI mode.

Create new partition with a greater partition manager

the errors while create new partition is troublesome. To avoid those problem, you can turn to help of third party software. The AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard should be the greatest one that can help you create new partition in a few simple steps.

Download FreewareWin 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

Step 1. Install and run the software.  It will show you its concise interface here. Right-click the unallocated space, select Create Partition.

Create New Partition With Unallocated Space

Step 2. Here pops up a window that you can setup for the new partition. After the settings, Click OK.

Specify Partition Size

Step 3. When you back to the main interface, click Apply at the toolbar to initiate the progress.

Click Apply

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard should be the best choice for Windows 10/8/7 users. You can also use it to create bootable media and then, boot Windows from the bootable drive you created, and create partition from BIOS. It cannot only create new partition on the hard drive free, but also have many features for managing your hard drives better. It also provides you AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional which contains more advanced features like allocated free space, command line, etc.

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