How to Copy Programs from One Disk to Another in Windows 10?

Are you bothered by “how to copy programs from one disk to another in Windows 10?” Don't worry, some utilities will be introduced in this article to move programs from one drive to another without data loss.


By Dervish / Updated on May 12, 2023

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Can I copy a program from one hard drive to another?

“My computer is running Windows 10. Now my C drive is almost full because the system installs everything there by default. So I was wondering if I could move installed programs that occupies a lot of storage to the D drive to free up my space. But what should I do? Any help would be greatly appreciated.”

3 solutions about how to copy programs from one disk to another in Windows 10

If you are thinking about how to copy programs from one disk to another in Windows 10 like the user in the case, then you have come to the right place. There are three ways to move the installed applications from one drive to another, please choose anyone according to your needs.

Method 1. Move programs from Windows settings

If your C drive has programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store, you can use this method. Because this feature only work for apps that you have installed from the Microsoft Store.

Step 1. In the desktop of Windows 10 and press “Windows + I” to open Windows settings.

Step 2. Click “Apps”. In Apps & features, you can see all installed apps from here.

Step 3. Choose the apps you want to move and click “Move”.

Move App

Method 2. Use Steam Mover to move programs to another drive

You can also try Steam Mover. It was originally designed to move Steam games; in fact, the program is suitable for all programs. However, there is a limitation when using Steam Mover, that is you can only move the installed applications from one NTFS drive to another NTFS drive. It does not support any other file systems.

Step 1. After download Steam Mover, launch the Steam Mover app on your computer and locate the button next to the Common Folder.

Step 2. Clicking this button will allow you to select the path of the folder where the program you wish to move.

Step 3. Now, locate and click on the Alternative folder where you want to move the installed program files and click on OK.

Step 4. You will now get a list of programs installed in the folder. Choose all the programs you want to move and click on the blue arrow to begin the transfer.


Step 5. The selected target is being transferred, please be patient.


Step 6. After that, you will see that the folder path under the Junction Point Column will change to the newer folder.

Note: Please note that sometimes Steam Mover will make an error when running the command and stop the transfer.

Method 3. Copy programs from one disk to another via App Mover

As you can see, the first two methods have drawbacks more or less. The first type can only move programs installed from the Microsoft Store. The second type need to transfer applications from NTFS to NTFS.

Fortunately, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional(support Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP)can perfectly compensate for these shortcomings. If you want to know how to move installed programs to another drive in Windows 10, you must not miss it.

This is a powerful disk management software with powerful functions, allowing you to manage disks flexibly without any operational difficulty. It can move all the programs that have been installed on Windows to a different drive on the same disk, or even to a drive on a different disk. And there are no restrictions on the File System, you can move installed programs freely between NTFS and FAT32.

In addition, Disk Clone, Allocate Free Space, Disk Defrag, and Delete Large Files are all commonly used functions. Don’t hesitate, please download the demo version for a free trial!

Download Demo Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
Secure Download

By the way, If you want to use these functions in Windows Server, Please upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server.

 Step 1. Install and launch PA Professional, then select the “App Mover” under "Free up" menu.

Click App Mover

Step 2. Select the partition where all the moved programs are located, and then click Next.

Step 3. Select the program you are going to move and destination drive here, you can select multiple programs at once. Then click Move.

Step 4. Decide if you want to move, then click OK and Move.

Final words

From what has been discussed above, there are three ways to solve “how to copy programs from one disk to another”. You are free to choose. But if you have other requirements for disks, such as Disk Clone, Migrate OS to SSD. Then it is recommended you to use AOMEI Partition Assistant. Because it is more comprehensive and professional.

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