By Bryce / Last Updated September 6, 2019

Samsung Data Migration reports cloning failed 00001[ffffffff]

“Try to clone my 500GB hard drive to a Samsung 250 850 EVO SSD via Samsung Data Migration software, but I only get an error message: cloning failed -00001[ffffffff]. My computer is Dell Inspiron and it is running Windows 10. Is there anyone can tell me how can I clone my 500GB hard drive to Samsung 250GB SSD successfully? Thanks!”

How to fix Samsung Data Migration cloning failed error?

It is difficult to find out what is the exact factor of Samsung Data Migration cloning failed 00001[ffffffff] error, but you can try some simple and common solutions given below:

1. Delete all unnecessary data and uninstall needless applications on original hard drive. If the source disk is HDD, defrag it.

2. Run chkdsk on the source hard drive and target Samsung SSD to check whether there is bad sector on them.

3. If your source hard drive is BitLocker encrypted, decrypt BitLocker before cloning: Go to Control Panel > System and Security>BitLocker Drive Encryption, locate the drive that you want to decrypt and click on Turn off BitLocker. After cloning, you can choose to encrypt it.

4. Disable antivirus software to see whether you can clone successfully. After cloning, you can enable the program.

5. Reboot your computer and shrink or extend system drive.

Alternative to Samsung Data Migration software

Or try to employ another data migration tool like to clone hard drive to Samsung SSD. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is highly recommended due to highlights listed as follows:

  • It can clone BitLocker-encrypted hard drive without unlocking through sector-by-sector clone method.

  • It allows you to align SSD partitions to improve SSD’s performance during cloning process.

  • It is capable of cloning hard drive to Samsung SSD and other SSDs belong to different brands.

Note: For system hard drive to SSD copy, what you need to pay attention is that Standard version supports only to clone MBR to MBR and you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional if you want to clone MBR system disk to GPT disk or clone GTP system disk to MBR/GPT one.

Detailed guide on cloning hard drive to Samsung SSD

Now, free download AOMEI Partition Assistant; connect Samsung SSD to Windows based computer and make sure it can be detected; then see how to use it to clone hard drive.

Step 1. Install and run AOEMI Partition Assistant. In the main interface, click Disk Clone under Disk Operations.

Disk Copy

Step 2. Between two copy methods, choose a proper one based on your own demand. Here Clone Disk Quickly is selected.

Copy Disk Quickly

Step 3. It has selected Disk 1 as source disk by default. You can choose your destination disk (here is Disk 2), tick the box before Optimize the performance of SSD…to align SSD partitions and then click Next.

Select Destination Disk

PS.: If target disk is hard disk drive, do not check Optimize the performance of SSD.....

Step 4.Here you can edit partition size on the target disk. If you clone hard drive to smaller disk, you’ll find that the option Clone without resizing partition not working.

Edit Disk

It will pop up a Note about how to boot OS from destination disk will pop up. Keep it in mind and click Finish button.


Step 5. In this window, you can preview result of operation. You can click Apply and Proceed if you are satisfied.



  • Clone Disk Quickly method requires that the capacity of target disk not smaller than the used space on source disk; Sector-by-Sector Clone method demands that the size of destination hard drive larger than or equal to the size of source disk.

  • During this process, all data will be erased on destination hard drive, thus you can backup necessary files in advance.

  • AOME Partition Assistant also allows you to copy OS drive, extend C drive, split partition, format 64GB USB to FAT32 and etc.

Wrap Things up

When Samsung Data Migration cloning failed 00001 [ffffffff] occurs. you can try methods mentioned above to fix this error. Or you can turn to an alternative to Samsung Data Migration to complete cloning.