Necessities to Check Partition

To make it simple, check partition is to find out whether there is errors, malware, virus in the partition. It is crucial for us to check disk partition before doing other operations, such as backup data, extend/shrink partition, split/merge partitions, etc. Otherwise, bad things may happen. For example, if there is virus in Partition A and it does not been detected and moved before partition copy, then, the new copy of the partition still carries the virus. When someday the data on A Partition get lost due the attack of the virus, you do restore the data back from the partition copy. However, the restored data still contains the same virus which will most probably to crash Partition A down someday in the future. Therefore, partition check is necessary!

How to Check Partition?

There is available tool in Windows to help to check disk partition. Yet, there is a third party application – AOMEI Partition Assistant, which provides much powerful function called “Check Partition”. It offers three choices for its users:

The difference among the three options is obvious as it says above, to learn more about the process and notifications of partition check, see the help document.