By AOMEI / Last Updated August 2, 2019

About dynamic disks

Dynamic disks support over 2000 volumes since it was started to introduce from Windows 2000 onwards, besides the Home Edition, all the Windows operating systems can recognize dynamic disks. It has five types of Dynamic volumes: Simple Volume, Striped Volume, Spanned Volume, Mirrored Volume, and RAID 5 Volume which are possess more advantages and support more flexibility for volume management.

Simple volume and spanned volume

About the simple and spanned volume, we can change the simple volume to spanned volume through extending simple volume, on the contrary, we also can change spanned volume to simple volume through shrinking spanned volume. In this article we talk about how to extend simple volume to spanned volume on dynamic disks.

Newest method to extend simple volume to spanned volume

We recommend using AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to extend simple volume. It contains the professional dynamic disk manager tool to help users to manage dynamic disk and volumes easily. You can follow the next tutorials for the better understanding of operation. Before that, you need to open AOMEI Partition Assistant Server, click "Dynamic Disk" to launch this tool. Then do as below.

Step 1. In the main window of AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager Server, we could get the local dynamic disk information like below.

Step 2, In our case, we want to extend E: (simple volume on Disk 1), there is no unallocated space on every disks. What we can do next? We can shrink one volume which is large enough or delete one unused volume on other disks. Right click the empty I: volume on disk 2 and choose “Delete Volume” option:

After 2nd step, we get the unallocated space on disk 2:

Step 3, This step, we right click E: simple volume and choose “Resize/Move Volume” option to get the new operating Window, drag the right side rightwards and click “OK”:

Extend E: simple volume

Step 4, Back to the main window, we can preview the changes in advance. The E: simple volume changed into spanned volume with the unallocated space we just get:

Preview changes

Step 5, The final step is choose “Commit” on the toolbar after confirm the operations in the “View Pending Operations” box. If want to cancel the changes, the bottoms “Redo”, “Undo”, “Discard” on the toolbar can correct the changes. After several minutes and reboot, simple volume to spanned volume expansion finished successfully.

  1. The simple volume to spanned volume expansion not only can be done on data disk, but also on system disk. (Windows Disk Management limitation)

  2. Changes preview before apply

  3. All data protected during the whole process

  4. Built-in User Manual with real case for reference

Tips: Choose the right version according to your requirements

What we recommend for your convenience before purchase?

So, if you are interested in our product, you will intend to purchase. However, considering your convenience, please take several minutes to make sure what you really want to do:

  1. If you do not know what you disk type, please right click “My computer” → “ Manage” → “Disk Management” → check the disk type.

  2. If you do not want to use dynamic disks any longer, you could use AOMEI Partition Assistant to change dynamic disk to basic disk.