By AOMEI / Last Updated February 25, 2020

Can't delete volume in Disk Management?

Usually, people use Disk Management to delete volume in order to save space for other use or extend volume for other partitions while some people may want to wipe personal data. How to delete a volume in Disk Management under Windows? Anyway, it’s a simple operation in Windows 7/8/10. Just do like this:

Delete Volume
  • Confirm, then the volume will be deleted.


This process seems very easy but sometimes you will find that the option "Delete Volume" is greyed out. Why? Check whether you are going to delete a volume that contains system or not, because Disk Management doesn’t allow you to delete system.

Contain System

One more, when you see Page File on the volume, "Delete Volume" in Disk Management is also not available.

Page File

Is there any method to delete such kind of partitions if you really need remove them? Fortunately, there is. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a functional software when it comes to disk/partition managing.

Delete volume with AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard version -- a free disk management software enables you to control hard disks easily. You can view status of all disks which are connected to your computer as well as every partition clearly on the concise main interface.

Main Interface

Apart from Windows 7/8/10, if you’re a Windows XP/Vista user and happen to meet the same problem. Try this program.

  • Right click the volume then select Delete Partition.

Select Delete
  • Here are two options. In fact, when you use Disk Management to delete a volume, the data can still be recovered by some software. But the second option in this window will wipe all data completely as long as you want.

2 Options
  • Click "Apply" to execute.


Tips: You are not suggested deleting system partition due to the normal running of a computer..