By Cherry / Last Updated January 31, 2019

Ways to delete partition

Sometimes, people may want to delete partition for more free space, or a better management. But how to delete partition? There are four ways to delete partition and you can use any method to delete partition for Windows 7/8/10. The following content will introduce you the top 4 ways for deleting partition on Windows.

Method 1: Using the Diskpart to delete partition

Diskpart is a disk management tool snap-in Windows. Different with Disk Management, it uses the command line( CMD) to execute tasks. Diskpart delete partition command lline is a good way to delete partition with syntax.

1. Open the Command prompt, type: diskpart

2. At the diskpart prompt, type:list disk

Then, all the disks on your computer will be list, you should figure out the disk number of the disk from which you want to delete the partition.

3. Type:select disk n

n is the disk number. Select the disk which contains the partition you want to delete.

4. Type:list partition

5. Then, type: select partition n

n is the partition number. Here you need to select the partition which you want to delete.

6. Type:delete partition

Then, delete partition using Diskpart will be shown as the following screen shot shows:

Diskpart Delete Partitions

If you are using dynamic disk, delete the partition can delete all dynamic volumes on the disk. To delete a dynamic disk, you can use the “delete volume” command instead.

Method 2: Using the Disk Management to delete partition

Disk Management is also Windows built-in tool. You can open it by right clicking My Computer, then click Storage-> Disk Management. Then, right click the partition you want to delete, click Delete Partition.

DM Delete Partition

However, using Windows tool has many restricts. You must be a member of the Backup Operators group, Administrators group, or you must have been delegated the appropriate authority so that you can perform this procedure; you cannot delete an extended partition unless it is empty; you cannot delete partitions on a removable media with Diskpart and Disk Management, etc.

Method 3: AOMEI Partition Assistant: delete partition with GUI

You may meet many problems that caused the Diskpart delete partition command invalid. For example, if you are not a member of Administrators group, the commands will be invalid. Fortunately, partassist.exe of AOMEI Partition Assistant can help people manage disk partitions with command easier and simpler. However, there are a lot of users know little about computer, thus, those people may feel hard to delete partition with CMD. The good news is that the AOMEI Partition Assistant can manage disk and partition with both command-line and GUI. The concise interface can be handled even you are a non-technician. But first, you need to download the free edition AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Step1. Launch the program. You can see the basic environment of your hard drives with a concise interface.

Step2. Here you can right click the partition you want to delete, select “Delete Partition” in the pop out menu.

Delete Partition

Step3. After clicking Delete Partition, it will pop out a window to choose the way to delete the selected partition for “Delete Partition Quickly” or “Delete Partition and wipe data on it”. Here we highly recommend you choose the former one. The later will take more time, ant the data will be erased permanently. Click OK.

Delete Partition Quickly

Step4. Click Apply at the tool bar to launch the progress.


AOMEI Partition Assistant GUI should be the best way to delete partition for Windows 7/8/10, and it should be the best tool for managing hard drive such as resize/move partition, create partition, format partition, wipe hard drive, etc.

Method 4: Diskpart alternative partassist.exe of AOMEI Partition Assistant

To overcome the restricts of Diskpart, you can use some third party software to delete partition. AOMEI Partition Assistant is a great powerful partition management tool, and it provides the command line to manage disks, and it provides Windows PC users manage disk in free. To delete partition, you can do with the following commands.

1. Open the command line prompt. Click Start and type “cmd” or press “WIN+R” and type “cmd”.

Then, type:cd C:\Program Files\AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition 5.8 (The path is your AOMEI Partition Assistant installation directory), and press Enter.

2. Type: partassist.exe /list:0

Then it will list all the partitions on your disk.

3. Type:/del:E, then, pressEnter, the progress will be executed. You can reference the screen shot below:

PA Delete Partition

Or you can use other commands like “Partassist.exe /del:n” to delete a specified partition. If you want to delete all the partitions on a disk, you can type “Partassist.exe /hd:0 /del:all” at the prompt.


> "/hd" followed by disk number, which starts with 0.

> "/del:0" and "/del:F" means delete the specified partition.

> "/del:all" means delete all the partition on the disk.


You may meet many problems that caused the delete partition command invalid when you use the Diskpart. For example, if you are not a member of Administrators group, the commands will be invalid. Fortunately, partassist.exe of AOMEI Partition Assistant can help people manage disk partitions with command easier and simpler. You can click here to learn more how to use AOMEI Partition Assistant Command Line.