Duplicate File Cleaner for Windows 10: Free Up Space Effectively

This page will show an excellent Duplicate File Cleaner for Windows 10 can fast locate duplicates and remove them, which can improve the performance of PC.


By Dervish / Updated on September 27, 2023

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What is Duplicate File Cleaner for Windows 10 and why need it?

In the fast-paced digital age, our computers have become repositories of countless files. Factors like multiple downloads, file sharing, and system errors contribute to the proliferation of duplicates. Without proper management, duplicate files can easily accumulate. The presence of duplicate files leads to several adverse effects. Not only do they take up storage space, but they can also slow down system performance. Moreover, locating specific files amid duplicates becomes a tedious task.

A Duplicate File Cleaner is a specialized software designed to identify and remove duplicate files from a computer running on the Windows operating system. It is equipped with algorithms that scan the disk thoroughly to locate these redundant files. Once identified, it offers options to either move them to a designated folder, delete them permanently.

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What is the best Duplicate File Cleaner for Windows 10?

Windows 10 Duplicate File Cleaner is particularly valuable for users dealing with limited storage capacity or those who want to optimize their system's performance by eliminating unnecessary clutter. By freeing up disk space, the Duplicate File Cleaner helps enhance system speed and efficiency, making it an essential utility for Windows 10 users looking to maintain an organized and streamlined digital environment.

However, there are so many Duplicate File Cleaners in the market that users can't choose the best one. Here, I highly recommend AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, which is a comprehensive disk partitioning management software, and its powerful "Duplicate Files Finder" function can help you quickly find and delete duplicate files on multiple different storage devices, it is useful to optimize storage and improve system efficiency. In addition, it has these advantages:

✦ Compatibility: It works well on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. And, it also supports all brands of disks, USB, and even external devices.
✦ Security: The software pays a lot of attention to data security. It uses advanced algorithms to ensure that all partitioning operations are performed without the risk of data loss. In addition, it also provides an "Undo" function that allows users to revert to the previous state in case of any unexpected problems during the partition management process.
✦ Ease of Use: The software offers a user-friendly interface that is designed with a clear and intuitive layout that makes it easy to use for both novice and experienced users. It provides step-by-step wizards for tasks that simplify the process.
✦ Full-featured: There are more advanced features are waiting for you to unlock, such as, deleting large files, moving installed programs to another drive, cloning HDD to SSD, allocating free space to another drive, and more.

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How does this Duplicate File Cleaner work on Windows 10?

Now, I will show you how to find and delete duplicates with AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, you can refer to the following steps.

Step 1. Click the "Free up" on the main tab and select "Duplicate Files Finder".

Click Duplicate Files Finder

Step 2. Here, all partitions on your computer will be displayed. You can personalize it according to your needs and click "Scan". In addition, if a partition is locked, the program will still scan it and display duplicate files on the partition. However, it is unable to delete the duplicated files on the locked drive.

Start Scan

Step 3. After the process is finished, all duplicate files that meet the conditions you set will be displayed. You can click the "Preview" button to see the duplicate files.


Step 4. You can select the duplicate files you want to delete. Or, click "Smart select" to automatically select duplicate files. Then, click "Move to folder".

Remove to the Recycle Bin

FAQs about Duplicate File Cleaner on Windows 10

There are some frequently asked questions about Duplicate Files Cleaner if you need to

★ Is it safe to use third-party duplicate file cleaners?

Answer: Yes, reputable AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional are designed with safety in mind. They use advanced algorithms to identify duplicates while ensuring essential files remain untouched.

★ How often should I clean duplicate files?

Answer: It's advisable to perform a cleanup every few months, depending on your usage patterns. Regular cleanups help prevent the accumulation of duplicates and ensure your system runs smoothly.

★ Can I recover files after they've been deleted by a cleaner?

Answer: AOMEI Partition Assistant provide a built-in data recovery option. If you accidentally delete a file during the cleaning process, you can typically retrieve it from the cleaner's designated recovery folder.

★ Do duplicate files affect system speed?

Answer: Yes, a large number of duplicate files can indeed slow down system performance, especially on computers with limited resources. Removing duplicates can lead to improved speed and responsiveness.

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