By AOMEI / Last Updated June 14, 2016

It is the universal situation that the computers will constantly show a sign of low disk space. This is always happened in the Windows system drive, because of too many files and programs to store. When encountering this problem, the first comes to our mind is to make full use of built-in Disk Management to extend C drive.

As we all know, different people use different operating systems. Here, I would like to introduce some suggestions to the bad situation of Windows system drive full for different OS.

If you cannot free up more space by deleting some files or running Disk Cleanup, you need to learn how to extend C drive. Because these system are advanced systems for computer users, and the function of their snap-in Disk Management is better than others. They can shrink/extend/delete volumes and add some dynamic volumes.

Although these functions are nice, there still have some problems. When we shrink a volume, the unallocated space are not directly behind the volume we want to extend, which makes the extend function is invalid. In this case, a third party partition magic is needed.

There is a free and powerful tool named Partition Assistant Standard Edition. It is free for home and commercial users. Since we have shrunk the system volume with Disk Management, it is easy to use to the function of "Move" to transfer the unallocated space behind the system drive. Then, the system unity is available.

The two systems is less well than above. The Disk Management can only create and format drives, which is a pity for the user. Thus, the only way out is to use partition magic to solove C drive full problem. The suggested free partition manager above is compatible with Windows 2000/2003. It supports resize, extend, move, wipe, copy, split, etc. Meanwhile, we can easily solve the bad situation by "Extend Partition Wizard" without rebooting system, or allocate free space from other partitions to directly extend system drive.

For these systems, the Partition Assistant Server Edition can complete these problems. It is a wonderful partition software for Server users. Three solutions are also provided for the computer users. Apart from the two ways mentioned above, you can easily reallocate space from one partition to another on server using the function Allocate free space. All of these solutions are easy to handle, even for novice, and the data is protected.

To sum up, no matter what operating system we use, the third party tool is necessary for us to manage disk better. It can solve the problem of Window system drive full perfectly.

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