How to Resolve The Drive C Red Bar Problem (Low Disk Space) in Windows 7?

Mar 08, 2018

When the system Drive C shows a red bar in Windows 7 means low disk space. Found a professional tool like AOMEI Partition Assistant to extend system partition to improve the computer OS performance become necessarily and urgently.

How to Resolve The Drive C Red Bar Problem (Low Disk Space) in Windows 7?

Many users may have encountered the problem that when you open the "My Computer--Explorer" in Vista or Windows 7 environment, Drive C shows a red bar (low disk space), while Drive F shows a blue bar, just as the following screenshot descriptive of the case:


In the meanwhile, the system sometimes pop up a box "Low Disk Space", "You are running out of disk space on system(C:). To free space on this drive by deleting old or unnecessary files, click here…"

low disk space

In fact, most users, especially to some green hands, the situations above happened frequently, and it brought some results.

Actually, to many users, when the red bar appears, it does not only omen that you will run out of partition C’ space, but also your computer have run slowly for long time. Yes, if you feel annoyed when you launch some application but it can’t be started immediately. Or when you want to close some application, but it can’t be closed immediately or the screen becomes gray. That is the situation brought by red partition bar.

Beside what mentioned above, you may find the time of boot time is becoming longer and longer, because the system partition stores too much or installs too many applications. The running space of operating system is inadequate. Whatever the result is , all situation nearly drive users crazy.

How to correctly resolve this low disk space problem? After searching online resources and lots of experiments, I finally find a solution and would like to share my experience with you.

In fact, the main reason about the low disk space problem is that Drive C is almost fully occupied by large number of files with very little free space. For example, this Drive C has only 604MB free space, which shows a warning red bar. However, Drive F has 26.1GB free space, which shows a normal blue bar. So what we should do is moving more free space into Drive C in order to resolve the low disk space thoroughly.

Solution 1:

Move data files to a non-system partition and run Disk Cleanup to delete some unwanted files. You probably have saved some personal files to system partition. then you can drag them to another partition.

To open Disk Cleanup, you can right click on C: drive and then select Properties>Disk Cleanup. Then Disk Cleanup will scan your C: drive and calculate how much space you can free, which may take a few munites. Within Disk Cleanup interface, select a few items and then click Ok to delete.

low disk space

After that, you can click Clean up system files. From there, you can delete previous Windows installation (Windows.old folder), Windows update, temporary files, and other system files. In this way, it should free up much more space and solve the C drive showing full issue.

Solution 2:

In Drive C there are many unfamiliar or unknown programs or files (PC garbage) which directly result to the fact that some application programs never execute. The problem is that you can hardly know which programs or files should be deleted. If possible, you can choose to re-install the system and create a larger volume Drive C when you do the partition allocation process. For example, you can allocate 200GB to Drive C, which makes it not easy to be filled up by data. But there are some limitations of this method, you need to re-install the system, waste a lot of time and the data in the hard drive will be deleted.

Solution 3:

The second method is that you can use a Garbage Remover to scan useless files from Drive C and delete all of them for the purpose of releasing more free space to Drive C. For instance, hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys, temporary files of application programs (in Windows\temp menu) and temporary files created by Browser like IE, Firefox, etc. This method has one limitation that you can't resolve the problem thoroughly because after some time of operation, your PC will create more garbage which makes the Drive C showing red bar again.

Solution 4:

The third method is the most stupid way, but it is very effective. You can extend partition C by disk management. If there are at least three partitions in hard disk that contains system partition, you can move all data and files in partition D to the partition right beside to partition D. and then you can delete partition D, thus, you can get the unallocated space. finally, you can merge the unallocated space into partition C by the function “Extend Volume” in disk management.

From the above three methods, we know that they all has some limitations and can't resolve your low disk space problem as you expected because you can't extend/expand the partition directly. How to make Drive C larger volume? You can use third-party software to help extend partition C. now, there are many freeware that can solve such question easily and safely. Of all freeware, AOEMEI Partition Assistant is a good choice.

A professional tool Partition Assistant - FREEWARE (it’s partition manager) to do such kind of work. You can resize your Drive C as you wish. You can move free space from other partition (like Drive F) into Drive C, which keeps your system partition more healthy. For instance, you can increase your Drive C from 8.67GB into 16GB very easily and promptly. This method avoids troubles of re-installing your system and saves your lots of time. You may refer to the article "How to Extend System Partition" for more details. Not only you can easily work out the problem about low disk space, but also you really can benefit from the Partition Assistant. Here is a screenshot:


There are five editions in AOMEI Partition Assistant; they are standard, Lite, professional, server, Unlimited. Different editions have different functions. You can choose anyone according to what situation you are and what problem you want to solve. In this case, AOMEI Partition Assistant standard Edition can solve your problem totally. For users, this edition is freeware and can save your money and time.

Partition Assistant Standard Edition ( FREEWARE)