By AOMEI / Last Updated September 12, 2019

No matter a laptop or a desktop of brand new computer, users always feel confused about the same problem, the unreasonable partition. When they get a new computer, they may find the partitions already existing on the hard drive which is done by manufacturers. There are two situations of unreasonable partition, one is setting up a small system partition C drive with a big data partition while another is setting up only single large C drive. Users are not satisfied with the partition in both situations. So they need to shrink volume in Windows 7 at the first to get an unallocated space and to create or extend partition.

The built-in Disk Management in Windows 7 has added two new features "extend/shrink volume" comparing with the former ones, like Windows XP and so on. These two new features help resize partition more feasible than before with Disk Management. Let's have a look at the tutorial of how to shrink volume in Windows 7 with Disk Management.

Step 1: Launch the Disk Management, right click the partition you want to shrink and select "shrink volume".

Interface of DM

Step 2:In the pop-up window, you could shrink the size within the available shrinking space, then click the "shrink".

Available Shrink Space Windows

After the operation finished, you may find the new unallocated space is behind the partition.

Unallocated Space

Notice: You could only shrink the partition with NTFS file system. If you want to shrink the FAT or FAT 32 file system, it may destroy your data. And in Disk Management, the biggest available size to shrink is the half of total size of partition.

About the information mentioned above, there are still some limitations and risks to shrink volume in Windows 7 with built in Disk Management, lay extend volume aside. To break these limitations, many technicians highly recommend using the latest partition magic Windows 7 - AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition to assist users shrinking volume and solving other partition problems, such as running out of space or low disk space, align partition, merge partitions or merge unallocated space, all these problems could be solved easily and safely. This software has friendly interface and wizard to leas operation easily, even for a green hand. And this is reliable and trustful software providing a security to your data during operations. Here, you can see the features clearly in the main interface:

Pa Pro

You can download the demo to help you manage your hard disk.