Move partition to control your partitions more flexibility

Moving or resizing partition, Windows users could maximally make use for space resource and optimize disk partition. However, the process cannot be completed with the OS built-in disk management tool. That is why AOMEI Partition Assistant is here.

AOMEI Partition Assistant helps you move any partition to your specified location easily which makes the unallocated space be ready for the upcoming extending partition. Moreover, you can adjust the position of the partition on a disk by using the “Move Partition” operation.

In addition, the “Merge Partitions” of the software also helps you directly move an unallocated disk space to a partition that you want to extend. With the “Copy Partition” operation, the software supports you faster move/transfer a partition (including all data & files on this partition) from one disk to another disk.

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If this function can help you maintain partition and hard disk easily and fast, you can: