By AOMEI / Last Updated August 19, 2019

About Disk Management in Server 2012

Disk Management is a built-in tool in Windows Server 2012, which is able to help users manage partition without third-party software. Due to its convenience and security, it is popular among Server 2012 users. to launch Disk Management in Server 2102, you just need to right-click My computer>Manage>Disk Management or click Start button, type “diskmgmt.msc” in the Search box an then press "Enter".

Main features:

  • Extend/shrink partition

  • Create partition

  • Format partition

  • Delete partition

  • Convert to Dynamic/Basic disk

  • Change drive letters

  • Set partition as active

  • View the property of all the disks of the system

With this tool, extending partition is an easy job for you to solve the problem of partition in low disk space. However, in some situation the Extend volume greyed out, which doesn’t allow you to extend partition.

Extend Volume Gray out

Actually, if you plan to use Disk Management in Windows Server 2012, there must be unallocated space contiguous behind the partition you are going to extend, otherwise the Extend volume will grey out.

Moreover, you aren’t allow to move partition with Disk Management, so if you want to use this tool, you should must satisfy the precondition.

How to Extend Partition without Contiguous Unallocated Space?

As we all know, the size of system partition influences the speed of computer. System partition in low disk space will bring trouble for your work, but when you meet the problem mentioned above, how can you do?

Fortunately, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server is a professional third-party software which devotes in partition management. It enables you to extend partition no matter there is contiguous unallocated space or not, which solves the problem of Server 2012 extend volume greyed out.

Take extending system partition for example:

Before you do:

  • Make sure there is unallocated space locating on the same hard disk with the partition that you want to extend. If there's no unallocated space, you should shrink partition to generate unallocated space.

  • Close all running programs on the partition which you want to extend.

  • Do not forcibly terminate the tasks or cut off the power during its operation.

Step1: Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. Then, please choose the option of Extend Partition Wizard in the left toolbar.

Extend Partition Wizard

Step2: Click Next to continue.

Click Next

Step3: Choose Extend system partition and then click Next to go on.

Extend System Partition

Step4: Select the partition that you plan to take free space from and then click Next.

Choose a Partition

Step5: Right move the bar to determine the size of free space you are going to add into system partition and then click Next.

Right Move Bar

Step6: This interface will give us the detailed information about the operation of volumes. Please choose "Proceed" to execute all these operations.

Click Proceed

AOMEI Partition Assistant Server makes users extend partition without data loss and solve Server 2012 extend volume greyed out in Disk Management. What’s more, this software is able to migrate OS to SSD, convert primary partition to logical, convert dynamic disk to basic, it is more powerful than Disk Management.