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Can I copy Windows Server 2019 to USB?

Hi, recently I bought a new PC, it is completely blank. I want to copy Windows Server 2019 to my USB, so as to use Windows Server on my PC? Does anyone know how to perform that? Thanks a lot.”

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Why copy Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB?

Nowadays, lots of people want to burn Server 2019 ISO to USB drive to make a bootable drive. Generally, there are 2 purposes of doing such operation:

Create a installation media. Just like the scenario, you have a new PC without system or need to upgrade system to Server 2019 on different PCs, you can save server 2019 to a USB to create a installation drive.
Make a portable Server OS drive. It allows you to rapidly enter Windows Server 2019 environment on different computers without installation.

Next, this article will demonstrate you how to copy Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB based on the 2 purposes.


Copy/burn Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB for installing OS

If you want to create a Windows Server 2019 installation media, you can refer to this part.

Download the Windows Server 2019 ISO files from Microsoft.
A USB flash drive over 8 GB. Windows Server 2019 consumes at least 4 GB, but while being burned to USB, the ISO image will be automatically split into more than 3 GB chunks. So it needs extra space.
Back up your USB drive if there are some important files on it because your USB drive will be formatted.

To copy Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB for installing OS, you need to make thumb drive bootable with Diskpart first of all. Insert your thumb drive to computer and follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click “start”, input “cmd” in the search box and right-click on the search outcome, then click"Run as administrator" to open the Command Prompt window tool.

Step 2. Type “diskpart” and press Enter to open the Diskpart tool. Type all the following commands and press Enter to execute them one by one.

● list disk
● select disk x (x is the number of your USB flash drive)
● clean
● create partition primary
● select partition 1
● format fs=ntfs quick (if you want to create UEFI bootable USB, type “format fs=fat32 quick”).
● active

Step 3. Type “exit” and press Enter to close diskpart command window.

Now your USB drive is bootable, do not close the Command Prompt. Mount the Windows Server 2019 ISO and follow the next steps to copy/burn Windows Server 2019 files to USB.

Step 4. Type “xcopy D:\*.* E: /s/e/f”(D is the ISO image drive, and drive E: is the USB drive letter) in the Command Prompt and press Enter.

Step 5. Type “D:\Boot\Bootsect /NT60 E: /force /mbr” to write a bootloader to your USB drive.

Dring Xcopy command process, you may recieve a message that "file creation error - the parameter is incorrect" or "the install.wim is too large", it is because limit of FAT32 file system, you can split the file or convert the FAT32 to NTFS file system.

Now you can install Windows Server 2019 on your PC. And same steps can also help you to install other Windows Server systems, like copying Windows Server 2016, 2012, 2008 ISO to USB.

Copy Windows Server 2019 ISO for a portable server USB

The above steps are about how to copy Windows Server 2019 to USB for installing OS. If you want to boot and run Windows Server 2019 from USB or other external drives, you can install Windows Server to USB with AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. It provides a feature named “Windows To Go Creator” that enables you to create Windows Server 2019 bootable USB from ISO files or current system so that you can boot a full Windows operating system from a USB drive at anytime and anywhere. And it owns lots of highlights over other similar tools:

● It can save Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP or Server OS on uncertified USB flash drives. As is well-known, Microsoft has built-in Windows To Go tool, but it is only available to Windows 10/8.1/8 Enterprise Edition and certain certified USB brands.
● It keeps your USB and computers separate. You can securely use familiar environment from different computers. When you pull out the USB, the computer can run the original system.
● It just needs at least 13 GB capacity. Compared to Microsoft built-in Windows To Go and some other software Windows To Go feature, it saves lots of space of USB.

You can click the following button to download the Demo edition of AOMEI Partition Assistant Server to have a try. And follow the steps to create a bootable USB.

Download Demo Win 2022/2019/2016/2012/2008
Secure Download

By the way, if you are interested in Windows 11, you can also create a Windows 11 bootable USB.

Step 1. Connect a USB drive to your Windows Server computer. Install and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. Click “Tools” in the top toolbar, and choose “Windows To Go Creator”.

Win To Go Creator

Step 2. Here, choose “Create Windows To Go with system disc/ISO” and click “Next”.

Create Windows To Go With Iso

✍Note: If you don’t have the Windows Server ISO file, you can choose “Create Windows To Go with the current system”.

Step 3. In this window, select a USB drive, if it doesn’t show, click “Refresh”.

Select Usb

Step 4. Then click "Browse” to select Windows Server 2019 ISO.

Select Server 2019 Iso

Step 5. Then you will be prompted that the process will wipe data on the selected USB drive, so back up files you need in advance. Ensure you have backed up important files and click “Yes”. And click “Proceed”.

Server 2019 Proceed

That is how to install Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB to make a portable Server USB drive. This is can be also applied to install Windows Server 2008(r2), 2012, 2016,and other Windows systems to pen drive.

Boot from the Windows Server 2019 USB

After burning or installing Windows 2019 ISO to USB, you can insert it to your computer to install or run a OS. And you might need to enter BIOS to boot the PC from the Windows Server 2019 USB. And follow the steps below:

Step 1. Insert the Server USB, and turn on the PC. When the logo appears on the screen, immediately tap the BIOS key.

Step 2. In the BIOS setup, use arrow keys to choose "Boot" tab, and select "Change boot order".

Change Boot Order

Step 3. Move the Server 2019 USB to the top in the listed drive, save it and leave BIOS. Then your computer will be started from the USB.


I hope this article can help you copy Windows Server 2019 ISO to USB, whether you want to do it for installation or a portable Server system. In addition to that, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server also provides other features that may help you, for example, if you find your computer can’t boot, you can create a bootable USB for repairing with it.

And there is AOMEI Partition Assistant Unlimited Edition and Technician edition for company and organization. It covers all the features of the Server Version and provides unlimited usage within one company so that you can save much money. What's more,  Unlimited and Technician Editon offers a great feature, "Create Portable Version".  It can create AOMEI Partition Assistant to a removable device, like USB flash drive. Then you can insert the device into other computers and run AOMEI Partition Assistant without installation. It is convenient for engineers to do IT maintenance or support on client computers.