By Cherry / Last Updated May 15, 2020

Windows to Go for Windows 10

With the released of Windows 10, more and more people upgrade their Windows 7 or Windows 8 to Windows 10. Windows 10 as the latest operating system of Microsoft, has many advanced features, for example Windows to Go, which can help you boot Windows 10 from USB drive, but it still only exists in Windows 10 Enterprise edition like the Windows to Go in Windows 8. Besides, to use the Windows to Go in Windows 10 Enterprise, you need a USB certified by Microsoft, and it must larger than 32 GB. The important thing is that Microsoft-certified USB is much more expensive than non-certified USB.

Create a bootable USB more flexible

As the restriction of Windows to Go in Windows 10, here we highly recommend you AOMEI Partition Assistant, a software that has an amazing function Windows 8/10 to Go, which can create a bootable USB more flexible in free. With this freeware, you can create a Windows 10 bootable USB in all editions, and you can create Windows to a USB even it isn’t Microsoft-certified, which could save money for you.

Here are somethings you need prepare:

DownloadAOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

● A Windows 10 ISO.

● Any USB drive at least 13GB, both USB 3.0 and 2.0 are OK, AOMEI Partition Assistant supports them totally. But in order to get a faster speed, the USB 3.0 is a better choice.

After all the preparing, you can start creating Windows to Go for Windows 10.

Step1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. You can see the basic environment of your disks. You can see its Windows to Go Creator at the left pane. Click it to launch the progress.

Windows to Go Creator

Step2. It will bring you to the window that you can create Windows 10 boot USB. Click Refresh to select the USB you need. Then, clickBrowse to select the Windows 10 ISO file. ClickProceed to launch the progress.


Step3. Then, you will back to the main interface, click Applyat the tool bar to submit the operations. It will pop out a window to remind you that if continue, the data on the USB will be deleted or overwritten, please back them up before executing.

After doing this successful, congratulations! You already have a Windows 10 portable working space, you can boot your Windows 10 from this bootable USB on any computer. AOMEI Partition Assistant Windows to Go Creator make things easier and more flexible. With this USB, you can bring your own Windows 10 system everywhere, which is very convenient to use your own system. All you have to do is getting into BIOS mode to select the boot path to start the computer from the removable devices.

Boot Preference

Besides, AOMEI Partition Assistant is a good disk manager that can help you keep the best status of your internal and external hard drive. You can use it to resize partition, move partition, merge partitions, delete partition, format partition, etc. If you want more utilities, like clone OS from DPT disk to SSD, you can upgrade it to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional edition to get it