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How to clear the recovery drive in Windows 10?

My laptop shows that I have run out of space in my recovery D drive, but there is no file in it. And my laptop is running with Windows 10. How do I free up space in the drive?"}

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Why the recovery drive is full?

The recovery drive is a special drive that keeps system backup image files and system restoration data. Once your PC runs into a problem that can’t be fixed with usual methods, it can help you to restore your PC to the factory default settings.

For most PC, like Dell, HP, the manufacturers will install the recovery drive in the disk. But it is not like any other drive, the recovery drive is not a physical drive so has a little available storage space for other files. If you store personal files and applications in it you would receive a low disk space on recovery drive warning soon. This is the reason why the recovery drive is full.

There are many people asking, "Is it safe to delete recovery drive for extending partition?" Yes, but if you directly do it, it means you can’t use the recovery function in the future. So we suggest you clone the recovery drive to another place for back up and then clear the recovery drive.

Then, you can refer to the following part to see how to clear recovery drive in Windows 10, 8, 7 safely.

How to clear recovery drive in Windows 10, 8, 7?

To empty recovery drive safely and easily, you can employ the AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which provides “clone partition” and “Wipe Partition” feature to help you to transfer the recovery drive to a USB flash drive, external SSD, HDD for backing up and wipe the recovery drive. If your PC crash one day, you can still use the recovery drive to reset to the factory settings.

Next, click the download button and see the detailed steps.

Step 1. Copy recovery drive for backup

1. Insert an external hard drive, or USB flash drive, and install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, and right-click on the recovery partition, and choose “Copy Partition”.

2. Choose a clone method. Usually, we recommend the “Copy Partition Quickly”, and click “Next”.

3. Choose the external disk as the destination, and click “Next”. If the target drive is an SSD, tick “Optimize the performance of SSD”.

4. Here you can resize the new partition of the targeted drive and assign a drive letter to it, then click “Finish”.

5. In the main interface, you can see the result of the operation, and click “Apply” > “Proceed” to commit it.

Then the recovery drive will be transferred to the destination disk. Now you can follow the next part and see how to clear recovery drive in Windows 10.

Step 2. Wipe recovery drive safely

1. Open AOMEI Partition Assistant, right-click on the recovery partition and choose “Delete Partition”.

Delete Recovery Partition

2. Then choose “Delete partition and wipe data on it”. And there are 4 wiping methods listed, select “Fill sectors with Zero”, and click "OK".

Delete Partition Wipe Data

✍Note: You can upgrade to Professional to choose the other methods that clear recovery drive with greater intensity.

3. In the main interface, you can see the recovery partition become unallocated, and click “Apply” in the left top of the window to execute the clearing operation.



Now, you have known how to clear recovery drive in Windows 10, 8, 7 safely. And after emptying your recovery drive, AOMEI Partition Assistant can also help you to use the unallocated space to create or extend volume. And if you accidentally delete the recovery drive, you can turn to the Professional Edition, it can help you to restore the deleted partition.