By AOMEI / Last Updated May 15, 2020

Removing one OS from dual boot is easy

Many users have installed two different operating systems (OS) on the same hard drive. Some of them actually only use one of the systems. If that is your case, you can remove dual boot in Windows 10 without affecting the other OS.

The steps are quick simple. You just need to delete the partition where OS that you want to get rid of is installed. Based on the OS you have installed, the process is different.

What to prepare before uninstalling Windows 10 dual boot?

Before trying any of the moves to delete a partition, it is recommended to create a system backup of the OS that you do want to keep just in case anything goes wrong during the process.

If you install Linux system and Windows 10, deleting Linux partition may affect the bootloader. Therefore, you also need to create a Windows 10 recovery USB disk in advance. After the deletion, you can boot your computer from the recovery drive and then use troubleshooting to replace Linux's bootloader with Windows’.

How to remove dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu?

Say that you have Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed on the same hard drive, and you literally only use Windows 10. Then let’s delete Ubuntu from your computer.

1. Download and install freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

2. In its main interface, you can see the Ubuntu partition are formatted with Ext3 or Ext4. You probably will see 2 Ubuntu partitions, one large and the other much smaller.

3. Right click on the Ubuntu partition, select “Delete Partition.

Delete Partition

4. When all Ubuntu partitions are deleted and shown as unallocated space, right click the contiguous Windows partition and select “Resize Partition”. You can also select “Merge Partition” to add unallocated space to non-contiguous partition.

Resize Partition

5. Follow the wizard to add all unallocated space to Windows partition.

Extend Partition

6. Preview the partition layout to see if there is any mistake. Then click “Apply” to apply all these changes

to your hard drive.


7. Click “Rebuild MBR” and select your Windows system. Then click “Apply”. After this step, you should be able to boot Windows 10 without a problem.

Rebuild MBR

If you want to remove Windows 10 and keep Linux system, you can create a bootable media and then boot from it to use the same way to remove Windows 10 from dual boot hard drive.

Actually, you can use Windows 10 Disk Management to remove dual boot in Windows 10 without using third party software, but Disk Management cannot recognize Linux file system, which may confuse you. Besides, you will need an extra step to use command “bootrec.exe /fixmbr” to fix Windows bootloader.