[Fixed]: Windows 11 Not Booting

If you encounter the issue of Windows 11 not booting or booting error, please read this post because several solutions will be provided when Windows 11 won’t boot.


By Michael / Updated on December 19, 2023

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What to do when Windows 11 won’t boot?

Usually, when issues of Windows 11 not booting, keeping booting, or black screen occur, or when you’re promoted with the loading error or meet booting failure, what should you do?

In this post, we’ll find out the reason why Windows 11 won’t boot and the ways to fix it.

Why is Windows 11 not booting?

In the case of Windows 11 booting failure, you should first find out what causes it. And different users have found various symptoms when this issue appears. A typical issue is Windows 11 not booting up or getting stuck on the boot screen, Windows 11 is stuck on the Windows logo or at the login screen, or Windows 11 starting to boot but shutting down at once

The following are some probable reasons for this issue. 

1) System file missing or damaged.

2) Disk errors like broken sectors.

3) Power failure.

4) Bad monitor.

5) Issues of the connections of external devices.

6) There’s some trouble with CPU, GPU, and motherboard.

After learning the causes of Windows 11 booting errors, next, we can find out corresponding fixes in terms of the causes.

How to fix Windows 11 not turning on

As previously said, Windows 11 not starting covers a wide range of scenarios, thus there may be various alternative solutions. Each of them may be utilized to solve certain difficulties, and you may need to try many to find the ones that work for you.

Solution 1. Check hardware

1. Check or change power source

The power fan in the computer mainframe case will stop working if it constantly spins for 2 seconds, and it will appear again after you turn it on. Such issues usually results from an undersupply and finally trigger Windows 11 not booting. Thus, you had better change the power source.


 2. Check or change a monitor

First, check whether the power button of the monitor is toggled on. If you can’t see anything even the monitor is powered on, then, there should be something wrong with the monitor itself.  You can cut off power and reconnect the power source cable to ensure a firm connection.

3. Disconnect all external devices with the PC

Please disconnect all external devices except the monitor, keyboard, and mouse with the PC, such as the portable hard drive and printer. Then, check whether Windows 11 can reboot. Sometimes, external devices can be the causes to Windows 11 not booting.

Solution 2. Repair system files

When system files are missing or damaged, Windows 11 can’t boot either. The 2 following ways may help you solve the software-related issue of Windows 11 not booting.

1) Reset PC: Tackle the situation where system files are missing or broken.

2) Rebuild MBR: Fix Windows 11 not booting due to MBR errors of system files.

1. Reset PC

When a PC’s system files are missing or damaged, resetting the PC is an effective way.

1) You can try to reboot the PC and shut it done once the logo of Windows appears. Repeat it the step 3 times and then, you’ll be redirected to the screen of automatic repair. Now, select “Advanced Options”.

advanced options

2) Click on “Troubleshoot”.


3) Reset  this PC

reset oc

4) You can decide whether to retain your personal files before resetting the PC.


The wizard will ask you whether to proceed the operation again 3 times.
1) Keep my files: Removes apps and settings, but keeps your personal files.
2) Remove everything: Removes all of your personal files, apps, and settings.

2. Rebuild MBR

MBR damage is a common error and if you want to fix it without damaging any data on your PC, you can try the best MBR rebuilder AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. In the following contents, you’ll learn to rebuild BR step by step.

Some preparations must be done before rebuilding MBR.

1) Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant:

Free Download Win 11/10/8.1/8/7/XP
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2) Prepare a USB stick around 10 GB.

Steps to rebuild MBR

1. If your computer can’t boot anymore, you need to make a bootable USB on another computer using AOMEI Partition Assistant and then, plug the USB in to your computer. Enter BIOS and set the USB as the first boot device. Then, you can enter the interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant. Or you can also uninstall the problematic hard disk and connect it with another PC. Then, go into the interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant.

2. Select the system hard drive of Windows 11, right-click on it and select “Rebuild MBR”. 

rebuild mbr

3. Select a proper type of MBR (according to the operating system) in the popup window and click on “OK”.


4. Hit “Apply” on the upper left to commit the operation. Then, wait until the MBR rebuild is completed.


1) Rebuilding MBR can only fix problems like MBR damage. If your computer operating system won’t boot due to bootable file missing or system file missing, then, you can’t fix the PC by rebuilding MBR.
2) Rebuild MBR won’t cause any type of data loss. However, if you rebuild MBR in a wrong way, your PC may not be able to boot again. In this case, before rebuilding MBR, you’re advised to use AOMEI Backupper to make a backup.

Solution 3. Use Chkdsk command to fix the disk

If the solutions above don’t work, you can try run Chkdsk (disk check) order. This tool will scan to check whether there’s anything wrong with the driver and fix many issues. Under some circumstance, it can help enhance the performance of your PC.

1. Boot your PC in the way you reset it, navigate to the “Automatic Repair” window and select “Advanced options”.

advanced options

2. Hit “Troubleshoot”.


3. Hit "Advanced Options".

advanced options

4. Click on “Command Prompt”.

command prompt cmd

5. In the command line, type chkdsk C:/f, and then, you’ll be prompted that Chkdsk can’t run because the volume is being occupied by other applications. Do you want to set this volume to be checked the next time the system boots?

Hit Y: Windows 11 will store all lost data in a file named Filennnn.chk in the root directory. After Chkdsk is finished, you can check whether these files contain data you need.

Hit N: Windows will repair the disk. But as for lost allocated units, they won’t be saved.


Solution 4: Ask professional maintenance personnel for help

If hardware is where the problem is, like CPU overheat, GPU or motherboard issues, you’re advised to go to professional computers’ after-service stations and contact maintenance personnel for help.


In this post, 4 different solutions to Windows 11 not booting are provided. If you also encounter the issue, I believe, after reading the article, your problem will be resolved. Additionally, AOMEI Partition Assistant is introduced to repair your computer. Besides rebuilding MBR, it helps check bad sectors, quickly create and delete partitions, change drive letters and change volume labels. By using it, you can find more powerful features. If you want to use the software on Servers, you can try the Server edition

FAQs about Windows 11 not booting

What should I do if my Windows 11 computer gets stuck on the boot screen?
A: If your system hangs on the boot screen, try restarting in safe mode, checking for recent updates or performing a system restore. This can help identify and resolve any recent changes that might be causing the booting issue.

Can a recent Windows update cause booting problems in Windows 11?
A: Yes, sometimes updates can lead to compatibility issues or conflicts with existing software, resulting in boot problems. Reverting to a previous system restore point or uninstalling recent updates might resolve the issue.

Are there specific error messages I should look for when diagnosing Windows 11 boot problems?
A: Yes, error messages during boot can provide valuable information. Note down any error codes or messages displayed on the screen, and use online resources or Microsoft support to identify and address the specific issue.

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