By Bryce / Last Updated May 12, 2023

“Delete Volume” grayed out in Disk Management

“My 32GB SanDisk micro SD card has two partitions and I want to delete one partition of them to get unallocated space to extend the other partition. Therefore, I connected my SD card to a working computer running Windows 10 and planned to remove one partition on it. However, after I opened Disk Management and right-click the partition on SD card that I want to delete, I found that “Delete Volume” grayed out. That is to say, Windows Disk Management is unable to delete micro SD card partition. In such a case, what should I do to remove micro SD card partition successfully? "

Delete Volume Grayed Out

Two ways to remove partition on Micro SD card in Windows

In fact, Windows recognize only the first primary partition on removable device like SD card and you are unable to delete partition on removable device via Disk Management. Are you trapped in the situation described in the first part as well? Here offers you two ways to delete Micro SD card partition in Windows and you can choose one way as you want.

→ Remove Micro SD card partition using Diskpart
→ A simpler way to remove partition on Micro SD card

✔ Remove Micro SD card partition using Diskpart

The first way I’ll introduce to you is to apply Diskpart, a Windows built-in tool, which is able to assistant you in extending, shrinking, deleting and creating partition etc. In order to use it to delete partition on SD card properly, you should connect the micro SD card to your computer at first and then follow the detailed steps listed below (Take removing partition in Windows 10 as an example):

1. Press Windows + R at the same time, input “diskpart” and hit “Enter” key.

2. In the Diskpart window, type the following commands in order and hit “Enter” after every command:

▪ “list disk”
▪ “select disk n”, where “n” is the number of the micro SD card
▪ “list partition”
▪ “select partition m”, where “m” is the number of the partition going to be deleted
▪ "delete partition"

Remove Partition on Micro SD Card Diskpart

When you’re prompted by the message that Diskparthas successfully deleted the selected partition, you can type “exit” to close this tool.

If you need to extend the other partition, don’t close Diskpart as Disk Management is unable to extend partition on micro SD card even there is an unallocated disk space behind it. Type the command lines as follows: “list disk”> “select disk h”>“list partition” > "select partition f" > "extend".


  • “h” refers to the number of your micro SD card and “f” is the number of the SD card partition that you need to extend.

  • This command is suitable for NTFS formatted SD card. If the file system of your SD card is FAT32, you’ll receive the error message that the volume can not be extended because the file system does not support it.

Unable to Extend Volume SD Card

✔ A simpler way to remove partition on Micro SD card

Diskpart utility works well in deleting micro SD card partition. But, it is a little complicated for computer novice and you are likely to delete wrong partition as it presents disk in number rather than in intuitive graph. At this time, you can turn to a third-party partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Great Partition Manager for Windows PCs | AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard

With a graphical user interface, it is easy to handle. It can delete, format, create partition on (micro) SD card, USB flash drive, external hard drive, etc.

Download Freeware Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP
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Now, Let’s have a look at how to remove partition on micro SD card in Windows 10 using AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

Step 1. Install and run it. In the main interface, right-click the micro SD card partition that’ll be deleted and choose “Delete Partition”.


Step 2. In the pop-up window, choose "Delete partition quickly" click “OK”.

Delete Only

Step 3. In this window, you can review the operation and click “Apply” to perform it.


✍ Notices:
◆ After deleting partition on SD card and get an unallocated disk space, you’ll be able to extend partition on SD card when it is FAT32 or NTFS file system via AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.
◆ If you deleted wrong partition accidentally, you can recover the deleted partition on SD card via Partition Recovery Wizard in AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.


The tutorials on how to remove partition on micro SD card has been demonstrated above. It is not a difficult task to delete SD card partition as long as you find out a proper tool. You can choose Diskpart utility or AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard according to your own situation.