By Ailsa / Last Updated May 15, 2020

What is The Recovery Partition in Windows 10?

As we all known, Windows 10 recovery partition is a 450MB partition on GPT disk, also known as Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to repair common unbootable issues for your operating system. The WinRE provides automatic repair, system image recovery to restore your whole hard drive, and other troubleshooting tools. By default, if you install Windows using media, you’ll get a separate WinRE tools partition on both UEFI and BIOS-based devices. In other words, the recovery partition hold the windows recovery image folder to restore your system and hard drive.

In addition, some OEMs create a recovery partition around 10GB or more to reset or refresh your computer in Windows 10 when emergency, this recovery partition is known as OEM reserved partition in some computers. Regardless of how it comes, the function of recovery partition is the same-repair your computer in the event of system failure.

Steps to Access WinRE in Windows 10

You can enter WinRE from the boot options menu in different ways just in case.

  • On login screen, click Shutdown, then hold theShift key while clicking Restart.

  • On Windows 10 Destop, select Start >Settings > Update & security >Recovery > under Advanced Startup, clickRestart now.

  • Boot into Windows 10 recovery media created by yourself.

  • Press a recovery key (usually F9 for HP and F12 for Dell) or key combination.

How to Delete Recovery Partition in Windows 10 Safely?

Despite the fact that recovery partition offers many useful features, Can I delete Windows 10 recovery partition to free up space? The answer is positive. But you have to create a recovery drive or move Windows 10 recovery partition to another hard drive before deleting. If the recovery partition is deleted accidently, you’ll face the problem that cannot restore your system in an emergency. Thus, how to realize Windows 10 delete recovery partition safely?

Windows 10 Delete Recovery Partition Safely with Powerful Software

In order to remove recovery partition in Windows 10 safely, you may looking for a good assistant to complete. Here, we are going to introduce you the best disk partitioning software-AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional to deleting recovery partition without any issues in Windows 10/8/7. The following is the details.

Step1. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional, install and run the program. On the home screen, right click Windows 10 recovery partition and select "Delete Partition" at the drop down menu.

Delete Windows 10 Recovery Partition

Step2. Choose a way to delete recovery partition, and click "OK".

Delete Method

Step3. Press "Apply" to delete recovery partition if you have confirmed.


After a few seconds, Windows 10 delete recovery partition will be successfully.

Restore Recovery Partition in Windows 10 After Accidently Deletion

As Windows 10 recovery partition configured such useful tools, you may want to keep this recovery partition. In some cases, you might delete it unintentionally, what should you do? AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro offers you the best solution to solve this problem perfectly.

"Partition Recovery Wizard" offered by AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro will remove your worries.

Partition Recovery

Besides, if you want to create recovery partition easily in Windows 10, AOMEI OneKey Recovery software could be your best choice.

Aomei Onekey Recovery


Furthermore, AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro allows you to merge partitions into one to extend other partition free space, create new partition on unallocated space, copy recovery partition to another hard drive to move it with partition copy wizard, convert FAT32 partition to NTFS with NTFS to FAT32 converter and many more.